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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sinfully sinful Lenten meal.....

Okay all you Friday fish eaters and folks who want to repent their sins by forgoing meat on Fridays and all you fish-friendly friends and seafood lovers.......have I got a recipe for you!

I'm not sure if you know this but one of my major quests in life is find the best crab cakes in all the land.
My family knows---a sure way to my heart---find me a restaurant with killer crab cakes and I am a happy girl.
My son--especially--takes great pride in tracking down places in his little town that serve crab cakes for us to go to when we visit.
And, even my husband gets it.
Just last week, he called me from Toledo (yes, he visits the most exotic places ) to tell me that he went to an amazing winery/restaurant that served excellent crab cakes.
A trip to Toledo is now in my future.

Toledo, of all places.

So, yes, I have eaten my share of crab cakes on my eternal quest!
I'm just a girl who loves crab....
I know my crab cakes.
And I'm not afraid to admit it.

Give me a luscious crab bisque to go along with my crab cake--I'm ecstatic.
And, if I have a light Sauvignon Blanc to wash it all down with---I am euphoric.
You can say that I am slowly becoming a crab conessour.
It's definitely become my favorite, all-time, life-long food!
Thanks to my Lap band.

But, the one thing that has alluded me on my quest is the ability to make great crab cakes at home.
Or, more accurately--my ability to find a great recipe for crab cakes.
I've tried more times than you can imagine.
Did hours and hours worth of research.
Scoured the internet, hunted down recipes in books and even tried to wrestle the recipe out of the chef at one of my favorite places for crab cakes. ---to no avail. (and my good friend even owns the joint!)
Sure, all my made-at-home crab cakes were fine.
But, not one of them were what I would consider worth making again.
And, believe me, this bothered the hell out of me.
Made me crazy.
And, to be honest--it just pissed me off.
What was the secret to killer crab cakes?

Evidently, the secret is contained in this yellow envelope......
Can you imagine?
The secret comes in a yellow envelope!
Well, I'll be.....

Flip this yellow packet over and follow the directions.

Then, put a little Judi spin on it....
1/2 cup good quality romano/parmesean cheese
a few grates of lemon zest

Some notes:
I used pastuerized lump crab meat (comes in the get it at the seafood counter)
I also made 2 yummy dipping sauces to accompany them.....

Pesto Aioli
Mix together:
1/2 cup Mayo (I used Kraft May w/ Olive Oil)
4 tablespoons prepared Pesto (from jar)
a little lemon zest
a sprinkling of Old Bay Seasoning (can)

Cajun Aioli
Mix together:
1/2 cup Mayo
McCormick Cajun seasoning (powdered)....not sure of the amount....depends on how much spice you like

I'm telling you folks.....this was one killer crab cake meal....
Sinfully easy.
Sinfully delicious.

As for my quest to find the best crab bisque recipe in all the land?
It continues.


Debbie said...

I use this old bay mix all the time. I took a tray of these to a New Years Eve Party, (baked them there)I made them small like one-bite appetizers. They were the hit of the party !!! Yum, yum, yum.

Kathy said...

My mouth is watering reading about these crab cakes. I love them too. I have never seen the packages of seasoning you show here. Let me know if you find a good crab bisque recipe too. We go crabbing and I have crab in my freezer just dying to be a bisque

Jody V said...

Thanks for posting Judi!! I'm on my way to Shop Rite. I make crab cakes every other week in search of that recipe too!! I have NEVER seen those packages of Old Bay. Considering my Dad grew up in Maine and Old Bay was a household name here I should be ashamed!! The quest continues!