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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mid-summer mania......

is making me SCREAM.......FOR ICE CREAM!
Then, I'm SCREAMING when the zipper on my  pants is SCREAMING "I CAN'T MAKE IT" ....

There is an explanation for this ice-a-mania I am currently experiencing.....

Here's the convoluted as this is going to sound, I am going to tell you all about it.  
Stay with me here....promise me, it will make sense in a Judi-kindaway.
You see....earlier in the summer---during a fit of planning for all of the summer guests at the B&B and on-site bar/restaurant  that I evidently run in my home,  I went on a little shopping spree.  I wanted to pick up a few goodies that would make things a little more welcoming, a little more fun and a little easier in the entertaining department.   So,I picked up a variety of things that I decided would fit the bill......
*A few sets of THESE
*2 of THESE
*Several packages of THESE

I am sure you see the all-about-eating-and-drinking theme I had going during my shopathon.
Yeah that's how I roll....
Although I probably needed none of these things, I am happy to report that they have all been serving up all of what I had intended for them.   Each of them have come in very handy and been used over and over again for various situations---from small gatherings to larger gatherings to just having things available for guests who are on their own while I am working or busy with other things.
One evening right before the 4th of July weekend, we hosted a small after-business-dinner "sundae bar" party for some visiting consultants that were in town to work on a project my husband was heading up. *I know what you are thinking--why not after-dinner drinks?  Yeah, well, that's what I first suggested. "That's a no-go Judi. We got non drinkers..." was my husband's response. Hence  the three days of that  puzzled look on my face as I tried to figure out what to do*   Once I got past the fact that we were going to do business entertaining without cutting up limes and lemons and stuffing olives with blue cheese, it was actually a fun evening to set up and shop for.   Lots of ice cream and yummy fixings and I even did a fun centerpiece--a balloon ice cream cone project  that I found on Pinterest (I can't believe I didn't take a picture...!!!).  AND, I was so excited that several of my new things came in very handy for setting up my BAR.  Especially those patriotic snack bowls that I bought on Oriental Trading.  It was a perfectly perfect evening....even without the cocktails.  Who knew?
( cocktails on the deck...I had our after-dinner  martinis hidden in the kitchen for Carmen and I!!!)

 Naturally, I over-bought when it came to the ice cream and the syrups and the whipped cream and the toppings.   But, you know....I didn't want to run out.   
Famous last words. 
Let's get real--how can we run out when we have 7 people AND 6 gallons of ice cream, 2 of each type of syrups, 3 canisters of whipped cream and godknowshowmanypounds of fixings? *Hey, I figured if they don't drink, they must eat lots of ice cream...right?*
Get it now?
Yes, I had leftovers.  LOTS OF LEFTOVERS. 
Thus began my desent into the land of nightly ice cream parties.  
Everything is just so easy.  Especially the fact that I have those cute little throw-away patriotic snack bowls....*no extra dirty dishes to do at evidence of my errant ways*
Sometimes I can be so-about the details....
Sure..... let's not forget that I was also left with 4 gallons of ice cream, lots of lots of syrups and whipped cream and toppings....*it would be criminal to waste  all of that*
But,'s really all about those cute little bowls....
Every night, I can't wait to get out one of those little bowls.....*it makes me so happy*
Alright...maybe it is about the ice cream slathered in gooiness and topped with goodness...
Or, is it about the bowls?

So many bowls!!!
 My mania continues....... 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

This girl........

My darling daughter, my favorite shopping partner....Fashionista Toni!

Today is all about her.
And, a little about me. 
(and  a lot about my wallet...)
We have a full day planned. 
A girly, fun day.
Because THIS GIRL is 23 today.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My father was right.......

I have gained some weight.  
But, my sister says that I look better with "a little meat on".
She said there was a time when I was looking too thin.  
My daughter says she doesn't remember the time when I was too thin.
My other sister said to let her know if she ever gets to thin so she can celebrate.
My husband said to quit worrying about it.
And, my son thinks I would benefit from some type of cross training to tone things up.  
My niece thinks maybe I should join a running group and start running.
My aunt said I should eat what I want now because when I lose my teeth, 
I won't be able to eat what I want.  
My uncle said my face needs some weight on it so I don't wrinkle up. 
My cousin thinks I shouldn't wear stripes around my father, it may be distorting his vision.  

Yes, my weight is a FAMILY AFFAIR.......
Everyone has a family.........!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My father.....the 94 year old Weight Watcher......

No, he's not watching HIS weight.
He's watching MINE.  

At my nephews graduation party this past weekend, I took a little break from the kitchen and sat next to my father with some chips and a small bowl of this amazing chicken cheese thing that my sister makes.  He had just consumed a huge plate full of fabulous food and was digging into a plate of cookies that my cousin had put in front of him.
As I was taking my first father cleared his throat....."You better watch what you eat"  he said.  I nodded appreciatively and proceeded to eat this fabulous chicken cheese thing. 
"You can't eat too much you know," he said.  
"Yes, I know," I replied...thinking he was concerned that I might have a Lap Band issue.
I took another bite.
"What else did you eat today?"  he asked.
"Not much, I have been in the kitchen," I told him.
"You better watch it," he said.
"I am fine," I told him. 
"I mean, you can't let your weight go up again!"  he said.
"What????"  I responded with surprise.
My cousin--who was next to me---looked at my father and then at me.  She shrugged her shoulders and smiled.
"You can't get fat like that again!  Have you gained any weight lately?"  he went on.
I looked over at my cousin.....she seemed quite amused.
"Maybe a few pounds..."  I quietly answered.
"I don't know about that! More than a few pounds I think.  You have definitely gained some weight!"  he corrected me.
"Really????"  I responded in disbelief.
"I lost a few pounds..." he proudly told my cousin.
"Okay Dad, that's great....enough..."  I tried to end the conversation....but I knew that it was probably futile.
"Yes, Judi, you look like you gained some weight.  You have to be careful.  You can't get fat like that again...."  he continued. 
"Okay, Dad.  I'm good.  Eat your cookies....I will get you more coffee...." again, trying to stop the conversation.
"I got coffee!  Did you eat any cookies?"  he said, pointing to his cookie plate.
"I will, later...."  I told him.
"Maybe you should stay away from the cookies.." he said, munching on a cookie. 
Then, he looked at my cousin and told her "You know, my mother was 300 pounds when she died.  She was always a big woman.  Judi looks just like her...."  
"Okay, Dad....we know...." once again, trying to diffuse this awful conversation....
"Yes, she has to be careful not to get fat again.  She has that tendency.  Runs in the family, you know..."  he said, taking another cookie.
I was just about to take his cookie away from him just to teach him a lesson.  But, I figured...the man is 94, let it be. 
"You better not eat much more, Judi.  Maybe you should just go on a diet...."  he said between bites of cookie. 
With that, I went back to the kitchen to eat the rest of my delicious chicken cheese thing....

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken...everywhere a CHICKEN!

Don't even ask me how this happened but a total of 4 Rotissiere Chickens appeared at my house this weekend......not including the one I bought before the weekend!
Was there a blue light special on Rotissiere Chickens somewhere?

I should begin this all by saying that I seldom buy Rotissiere Chickens.  But, last week on an after-work day trip to Sam's that was wedged in between trips to the wine and spirits store, the beer store, the card store and the mall, I was weakened by the sight of them---at less than $5 and with dinner- making looming over my head and a night of more to do than humanly possible (and it was hot and humid!), buying one made a whole lot of sense to me.  So, I scooped it up and called it dinner....
 As it turned out, my moment of weakness was a stroke of genius.  Both my spoiled rotten, food-snob husband and my careful eater daughter were very satisfied with my version of that night's dinner---a purchased Rotissiere Chicken still in it's container, a container of store-bought hummus, a few pita breads cut up into wedges, some cut up cucumbers, a container of Greek yogurt, a pitcher of iced tea made from powder and 3 paper plates and 3 plastic forks and three red solo cups thrown on the kitchen island. 
With the little bit of chicken that was left over after that oh-so casual affair, I chopped it up, mixed it with some celery, mayo, almonds and seasonings and had a nice serving of chicken salad for the next day's lunch at my desk (which I promptly forgot that morning......).
Then, on Thursday night--after a full day of work with company and weekend guests coming any moment,  I found myself missing a few things that I needed.  So, I texted my hubby (who is usually spared these problems....)to tell him to standby because I would be texting him a list of things he would have to pick up on his way home because I could not leave the house again.    And, to put him on notice that I expected that he would be leaving the office momentarily.....since he has a bad habit of never leaving the office. 
I suppose he got it that I was pretty overwhelmed and up-to-my eyeballs in prep and he figured that I was getting a little cranky and that I might be too busy to drop everything and cook something so he might not be eating until later when the guests arrived (he does not cook....).  And, I'm pretty sure he got it from the uncharacteristically  authoritative tone of my texts that he was going to follow directions or else.  So, he decided to buy me a present while he was a grocery store getting the things on my list.   Yep, you guessed it....he bought me a ROTISSIERE CHICKEN.  "I knew we might be hungry and that you are too busy to make anything and I know you really liked it..." were his words when I looked at him with my whatthehellisthis? look.   Next time.....bring wine or gin, buddy. 
As it turns out, 3 other people who visited over the weekend decided that a Rotissiere Chicken would be the perfect gift for me too.....
I just don't get it.
Anyone have any great recipes for using up ROTISSIERE CHICKEN?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Declare YOUR independence......

Dance as if no one is watching.....