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Friday, February 5, 2010

Cold, snowy world.....warm healthy heart.....

Okay everyone.....get your boots on....the snow is coming! And, wear your support of Healthy Hearts!

Got red boots ?

From the sound of the weather reports-- lots of folks will be snowed in this weekend!
Here in Judiland, we're bracing for anywhere from 3-12 inches--depending on which report you believe.
Typically, I'd be all ready for a big snow in--with a full fridge, some new recipes to try out, a stock pile of the latest magazines to read and a list of movies to watch.
But, my fridge is bare. I have a few eggs, some yogurt and a few bottles of white wine.
To be perfectly honest--I have piles of laundry to do, lots of spiffing and rearranging from my Christmas undecorating to finish up and I really need to clean my bedroom.
None of that sounds like too much fun, does it?
Well, the chilled bottles of wine sound nice......
So, if the snow does come--as they say it will--I guess I'll have to boil up a few eggs, dig into some yogurt, wash it all down with some wine and do the Judi-homemaker thing.
The wine should help.
And, of course, the wine will definitely keep my heart healthy....

Hello snow.
Happy 89th Birthday Dad!


Jody V said...

I'm with you Judi! I want a relaxing but productive weekend! If not, wine will help us overcome the feelings of not getting anything done!



Kathy said...

Hey girls, that sounds like a plan to me. I have shirts to iron for my husband and my bedroom closet definitely needs to be cleaned. I don't work and I swear I got more done when I worked full time. I best break out the wine and forget it....... :)