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Saturday, February 13, 2010

And...... you thought you could surprise me......

Hey Buddy, you are an amateur!

Yes, I know my college room mate and I are both 50+.
And, yes, I am fully aware of the fact that, at our age, we should be able to keep a secret.
But, let me tell you buster......she is my college room mate....
And, we share everything.
Even 30+ years later.
So, of course she told me all about it.
........the gourmet dinner with the private chef.....
.....the course by course description of each recipe......
...the perfect wine pairings
If you didn't want me to know all about the fabulous Friday night you planned for me then why did you invite one of my favorite people on the planet---my college roomie Rene?
Yes, of course, she told me all about it....
That's why she is one of my favorite people on the planet.
And, you knew that.
Thank You Carmen for one of the most beautiful and delicious nights of my life.....
THIS is what it's all about......

As much as I'd love to bitch about the fact that my kitchen sink is filled with dirty dishes, I can't.
And, as much as I'd love to bitch about the fact that you are going off to do something that has nothing to do with me, I can't.
Because..... last night..... you did something that had so much to do with me that I am still in shock.
It was so unCarmenlike that I'm still trying to believe it all.
It was so unCarmentlike that I really, really can't believe it.

Last night, Carmen surprised me by renting out a private dining room with a private gourmet chef to cook a fabulous meal. But, not only that---he made sure that the chef would talk about the food and the cooking and the entire process.
And, to really make it even more special--he invited a person who is near and dear to my heart---my college room mate Rene (and her husband).
It could not have been a more Judi perfect night.
I'm still swooning......


Anonymous said...

How wonderful Judi, so happy for you and Carmen. Well deserved too, you guys rock. What lucky friends you have. xoxoxo


Jen from Oregon said...

I'm so jealous!
Sounds like a beautiful evening!
Way To Go Carmen!

Jody V said...

WOW Judi! How wonderful!! Please forward Frank Carmen's number!!

You go Carmen!!


Anonymous said...

wow that is wonderful!!! okay....what did he do wrong that he did this??? LOL only kidding.....what a nice treat and the fact that he invited friends, is even more special....I can't imagine how much fun you had!!

You better pay him back bigtime!!

Jill from NY