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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Road maintenance.......

amid the pot holes and the detours and the traffic jams and the construction.....
Road one form or another.....

That's what life is all about right now at Stories from the Road.....

And, I am not talking about what's going on out on the highways and biways of Judiland.
(Although, I gotta tell ya friends---navigating the roads this past month has not been much of a picnic...)

What I am talking about is maintaining this 115 pound weight loss.
Each and every day as I sit down to blog about what's going on in my life or share a piece of information or tell a story or two--I am a girl who is working on maintaining her weight.
I am not a girl who is trying to lose weight.
And, believe me when I tell you--this is a very new thing in my world.
Hell, I've been on a quest to lose weight since I've been 12 years old.
True, maybe I didn't always have to lose weight.
But, that doesn't mean I wasn't trying.
It's just what I did.
I was always on to the next diet.
And, the one after that.
When I did lose the always found it's way back to me.
Then, I'd be back at it.
You all know the drill.....

But now....I'm here.

I am a girl who has lost 115 pounds...with the help of my Lap band....who goes through the everyday pieces of life trying to stay in a Size 10 petite (sometimes even a Size 8).
I am not trying to get into a Size 10 petite or a Size 8.
I am trying to stay there.
Essentially, I am working on doing something that I have never done before.
I am living a life that I have never lived before.
And, I am trying to figure out how to get it right.
This time.

I'm not sure what this road maintenance will look like.
But, what I do know is that I need my road crew.......and that's YOU.

Oh, and before I forget.....since I mentioned sizes here....
Just to clarify....since I had so many emails and a few comments about the fact that I bought a Chico's Size Zero.....
I do not wear a Size Zero or a Size One in any other world but Chico's.....

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