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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hello Summer........

Meet Judi.
She likes Margaritas.
She lost 100 pounds.
She is happy to be here.

Now, can we have a little chat about this weather?
Can we stop the rain and the thunder?
and......could you get some sunshine for Judiland?
You see, she wants to wear her summer clothes and shoes.....
And maybe even her bathing suit....!
And she wants to drink Margaritas.
Cause when a girl loses 100 pounds, she needs to do these kinds of things.....

Damn Right!


Kathy said...

Sending some sunshine your way Judi. Hope it reaches you fast. Have a margarita for me. A cadillac margarita is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Damn right girl!!!


Jody V said...

In your honor we are celebrating 100 pounds with margaritas in Lincoln Park, NJ!! Diesel posted a picture in your honor that got us started!!