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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are you considering Lapband?

Now that I have dubbed myself as a Lapband success story---losing this 100 lbs and all---I've been wondering how I can "pay it forward". And, hopefully, in the process--keep myself focused on my own journey. Now that I've lost the weight--I need some way to keep the motivation going! You know that's what I've been worrying so much about.

So, it got me to thinking-- what can I offer to anyone who might be *this* close to thinking about getting getting a Lapband (but may be having doubts, concerns or fears)? How can I help them? One thought led to another and all of a sudden--I thought about all those silent people who read my blog. Are there people reading this blog right now who came here because they want to get some Lapband help? Could I be the catalyst to get them to where they want to be? Or, am I just shooting blanks.....? Or, am I just getting entirely too big headed here?

Are you the reader I am talking to?

Sure, there's lots of places to go for Lapband help---I know. I've been there--to every nook and cranny of the internet, to every blessed support group meeting and to the millions of articles out there devoted to it. I poured over them---soaking up every morsel of information, every piece of data and getting to know every single rule. Even with all of that--it didn't make me an expert. But it did make me a believer. After all of my research, I was 100% convinced that Lapbanding was the most practical solution for obese people like me who don't want to endure the more invasive surgeries, who have had problems with portion control and dieting in the past and who need a life-long solution to weight management. But, even with all of that reading and talking and learning---the best evidence that my Lapband was my saving grace has been my journey itself. Losing this weight could not have happened without it. And, finding the person who I really want to be--although I am still a work in progress--could have never happened without spending these past 22 months Lapbanding. It's worked. I have not had any negative, lasting side effects or life-threatening problems. I feel healthier and more alive than I have in more than a decade.

All the good vibes and happy results happened because I took a leap of faith and got a Lapband. The thought that my days of hokey diets and deprivation are over brings me a peace that I have never known. Not having those excess pounds as my daily baggage has been a true gift. And, as Hallmarky as this sounds---it's a gift I want others to experience. It's THAT GOOD.

So---to you readers and friends out there who may be thinking about getting a Lapband--do not fight that thought. Do not run and hide. And, do not spend another day not taking charge of your weight loss issues, your health, your mind and your body. Do I sound like a walking advertisement? If so, I am sorry. But, I honestly want everyone to feel as good as I do!

Wanna talk Lapband?
I invite you to email me (from my profile page).
We'll talk.


GinaLfromPGH said...

Hi Judi,
I will email you! FInally, I got the chance to tell you (shamed into it really)that because of YOU I am 3 mths into the process with the same group you used. SURGERY WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER YAHOO! Goodbye fat girl!
I met you when I had a false start there last year. Maybe you remember. After I started with your blog I got motivated to really do it this time. You sat next to me that day and we talked and you gave me your blog addi! When I got my courage back I started reading it and it made all the difference. Sorry I never told you sooner since your blog is my daily read!!! I LOVE YOU JUdI!
Now I am curious to see how many other people your blog inspired to do this. Will you post the results?

Debbie said...

Hey Jc,
Sue's oldest boy Jason, (who is married to Gretchen's best friend Terrilyn) is considering the lapband. I have sent them your blog info.
I think you inspire more than you could ever imagine.
Hugs old pal,
PS Are you feeling better?

Kathy said...

Judi dear, I found you after I had already had my LapBand surgery but was still looking for every link I could find to someone else having what I'd just had. I feel as though we are friends for life due to the band we both share. I am sure you have helped many people in their quest to find health and happiness also. Great idea for a post.

The Universe said...

You are now the greatest, Judi, you have ever been.

Which makes me, the greatest I've ever been.

Wasn't this whole thing a great idea?

Tickled pink,
The Universe

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Ya know, I never knew things like this existed. But have thought about it since meeting you.

As a matter of fact, thinking about it more and more.

Need help on where to start.

Jody V said...

Great post Judi! You keep us banded folks going to!