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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't worry about me.......

I'm over my crying about June.
For the moment.....

So, what cured me? You ask.
Size 10.
Not 22.
Not 16.
Not even 12.
As in TEN........

Now, I'm not saying that I really wear a size 10. I'm just saying that somehow, someway, I got into a size 10. It's not like I am a size 10. I just wear a size 10.
In those jeans I just bought.....

Does this make me a shallow person?
I mean, there I was all teary and crying and feeling blue and melancholly about my little girl growing up and graduating from high school. You know, doing the sensitive mom thing and all.
And, all of a tears have vanished and I'm sass talking and strutting my stuff.
Cured by a number.
Much better than Paxil.
Almost as good as an oakey chardonnay.
For today....

I'm doing 10 on Tuesday.
And it feels sooooo Ten.

Move over Bo Derek.....there's a new 10 in town and her name is Judi.


Jody V said...

Congratulations Judi!! You worked hard and you deserve it!! Enjoy all that 10 brings you!!


TexasBecky said...

Size ten has such a nice ring to it. Nothing to be embarrassed about if your tag hangs out and someone sees your size. And it feels so good to say "do you have this in a 10?" Congratulations on your ongoing success! Becky

Kathy said...

Woo Hoo!! Good for you Judi. You are our hero.

Anonymous said...

You go girl....

Luv ya, Lucy