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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Have I ever told you about my father?

Yes, I'm sure I have.

He's a character, that man. No wonder I blog about him, talk about him, think about him, laugh about him and share him with the world through my stories.
There's no end to the Frank Carr tales I can come up with. And, when I think about that fact--it makes me smile. Why? Because it's then that I realize that I take after my father. I was raised on stories about all the characters in his life--Tommy Kirk, Jimmy Callahan, Billy O'Rourke, Old Duffy, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Father O'Malley, Brother McGinty, Charlie Joyce, Tommy-two-eyes, Buster Beans, Jacky Kirk, Morris Balder, and lest I forget--his brother Patsy, his father Charlie and his mother Mary Birtha. I knew them so well. I could tell them to you. And, maybe I will.

Most of those characters from my father's stories are long gone. Yet, they live forever...through the tales shared by my father.

Yes, I am my father's daughter--blessed with a father who gave me pieces of life worth sharing and the gift of gab to bring it all to life---over and over again. After all these years I finally have it figured out----it's not just idle chatter filling up time. Words are a precious gift. They spin the stories of our lives and keep everyone in them alive forever and ever.......
It's time to get ready to spend this Fathers' Day with my father.
I pray that I will hear one of his wonderous stories.


Jody V said...

Enjoy your day with Dad.


Gerry said...

You are very lucky to have your dad. I am very jeolous. ;)


Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

Fr. O'Malley is a very good friend of my fathers. He married me.

He and my father used to go the the Big East tornament in NY every year and stay in parish priest houses. All the while the people they were staying with were thinking my father was just another priest.

He was also my aunts's--cousin ginny's mothers-- prom date.

small world.

i hope you had a nice fathers day with your father.

i had a great one with mine.
my computer is acting up, sorry for the typos