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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cheese danish and martinis......

That's one way to kick off August!

The martinis......I'm sure you understand.
After all, remember, I'm doing dad duty in Dadland while the rest of my family frolicks on the beach.

It was Saturday night.
The TV was blaring....the Pirate game.
No, they didn't win.

The cheese might not get.
Either did I.
Until I found myself standing over the box eating one.
Oh, those things are good!
And, what I found was that combined with a martini, they somehow helped me go momentarily deaf.....
As my father sat in the dining room declaring loudly that I used too much salt on his salmon (I didn't even use salt!), the sheer act of hiding in the kitchen eating his cheese danish right out of the box I brought them home in, washed down by a martini, drowned out his unfounded complaints.
I didn't hear him. For that one moment.
It was a perfectly glorious moment.
My martini in one hand.
The danish in the other.

I'd love to sit here and blog a little more.
But, it's lunch time here in Dadland.
Lemon almond chicken salad on whole wheat and chunks of watermelon for him.
Just the chicken salad for me.
The cheese danish are gone.
So, if he says I used too much salt's gonna be 5 o'clock somewhere.....


Band Groupie said...

You're a good daughter...and it's almost 5 o'clock here! Let the rain stop...I have a garden to meditate in...maybe with a martini!

Bonnie said...

LOL! Might have to try that combination next time my mother-in-law is in town.

Band Groupie said...

Judi we stayed at Lakeside (rented a house, but there are some inns/hotels there if memory serves) once when the kids were smaller. If you've been to Chautauqua, it reminds me of that, except on Erie (the 'beach' was the only dissapointment as it was rocks and gross water). It's a gated community and there are things to do and 'stars' that come in (we saw Peter from 'The Monkeys' LOL...horrible, but we had a good laugh). You'll have to take the Ferry to Put-In-Bay (places/hotels there too). We did this for the day and went to Kelly's Isl. too, there was also a lighthouse (Marblehead?) we visited and we did Cedar Point one day. If Carmen needs to travel while you're there it would be hard to stay on the island as the waits to get on the Ferry with a vehicle can be long. I think there were wineries close too (with little kids this wasn't an option then, so I don't remember).

Have fun...a getaway is just what you need...maybe to cheer you when Toni goes back to school? DS1 was up at school this weekend painting their room at the Frat...he got the 'attic' with 2 other guys 'Mom we ran out of spackle to fill all the holes in the walls!'...yikes...can't wait to see it LOL.