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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's all about getting ready to head back.......

to college!
...of course shoes has it's own category!
Between you and me....we defy this chart
Electronics and textbooks are the least of our expenses
for our little sorority co-ed!

From this day forward, that's what's happening here in Judiland.
Shopping. Packing. Shopping. Packing. Shopping. Packing.
More shopping. More packing. More shopping. More packing.
Getting ready for another year of college.
Getting ready for another year of empty nesting.....
Toni is heading back to college in 8 days.
It all goes so fast.
No, I'm not crying this year.
Well, I'll tell you all about that a little later.

For right now.....I thought I'd share something a little more academic.....

Here we go again......another reason to feel old this week!
The Mindset List is back.....
(just one more reason to buy shoes....for mom)

BTW.....I don't see a category for the wine store.
Doesn't every mom head there in preparation for going back to college?


Band Groupie said...

A HUGE wine budget is needed LOL! Have fun shopping, and packing, and shopping and packing...all pink and green of course! I've now got a pile of stuff to return ('closets' we didn't use)...good thing...more $ for wine! Should I tell you about the DZ tattoo I got in college?

Stephanie said...

I work for a university (the one I graduated from) so it seems like it is always school time for me. The students just returned last week and the week before that I was setting up the sorority chapter apartment for the new girls moving in (I am their advisor). Dealing with "kids" almost 20 years younger than me all the time may help me when my daughter eventually goes off to college (in 12 years!). That mindset list sure is a wakeup call, though!

Christine said...

OMG I love this! YES YES wine should totally be on this list!!!