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Sunday, August 8, 2010


I'll tell you, if I didn't have to scrub the kitchen floor, I'd be crying tears of joy right now.
Even when it's your BLOGOVERSARY, life goes on.
But, not, no, not quite yet.
No, it's time to take a celebratory pause.....those mysterious spots on my kitchen floor can wait...


Yes, I'm having a surprise party.......for you.....
It's a blogapalooza blogaversary party!!!!
Well.....because it's all about YOU!
-YOU are the reason why Stories from the road is 3 years old today!
Sure I might be the girl who sits in my little office off the kitchen in the wee hours of the morning and pounds on my keyboard, shouting out into the world---bringing this blog to life, but you are the folks who, for whatever reason, make these early morning keyboarding sessions so worth it!
And, beyond that, you've been standing by and cheering me on as I meander the windy roads of Judiland and Lapbandom for three--1-2-3--years! You invite me into your lives by being here....on Stories from the Road! And, I don't want you to go anywhere.....I want you to stay!
So, I'm gonna rock my appreciation the best way I know having a party!

So, put on your best rockin' lip gloss, pour your drink of choice in the fanciest glass you've got, wiggle your ass in your seat, and tussle your hair party goers because it's time put the palooza in blogopalooza!

Remember my very first blog posting?
Yes, that one.
Yes, that was me......I swear.
Even I find it hard to believe there wasn't a man with a harpoon behind me....

That posting was three years ago.
It was the first day of an amazing and fun journey.
Although I never knew it when I sat down to post that picture and type out those few words that a gadzillion of words and hundreds of pictures later, I'd still be sitting here blogging it out!
Life is full of surprises.
Isn't it?
Just like this surprise party!


Alison said...

Very happy anniversary!

Jody V said...

Happy Blogoversary Judi!!

My best Stories from the road memory....winning the gold medal from your contest leading up to your banded date!! I still have those WLS magazines. That's also when I started my blog.

Good times!!


Bonnie said...

Time flys, doesn't it. You should be so proud of how far you've come. Happy Blogoversary.

Amaris said...

Happy blogoversary to you!

The Universe said...

Happy Blogoversery!
Yes, Judi, it's true. There are so many things you don't know about. SURPRISES!
Things, quite frankly, that you can't know. About the magic, the unseen,
and the miraculous logistics that can so swiftly change a life. Yes, it
would be enough to daunt even the hardiest of souls.

But, then again, Judi, one needn't learn the mysteries of the wind,
to sail effortlessly around the world, either.

Actually, you got a pretty good deal.

Land ho,
The Universe

christine said...

Congrats on your blogoversary!

I haven't been to your blog before, but I'm going to be back. I'm 17 months out of my gastric banding surgery, and it's exciting to see such a great success story! I am only about 10 pounds from my goal weight, and it's nice to know that achieving weight goals with the band IS possible!!!

Kathy said...

Sorry I missed your blogoversary Judi............hope you had a terrific day........