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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shopping-squealing day!

No. No. Not for me.
It's for lovely, bride-to-be, blog reader Ashley.
Yes, Ashley is getting married.
Of course, I go bridal shopping with all my blog readers!
Say the word SHOP and I am there!

Today is bridal dress shopping day.
Toni is a bridesmaid.
So, we're going dress shopping with one my dear BFF's MOB (mother of the bride) Martha (who was also a bridesmaid in my wedding!) and all the girls.
They need dresses!
Because I already have my dress....yes I do.
For me.....that's one of the advantages of being a smaller size....
It's so much easier to squeal with delight then BUY IT!
No matter when I find that perfect dress.
Love it!
(thank you Ashely for waiting this long to get married so that I could be in a respectable size..)

I'm sure there will be lots of squealing, weddings, bridal gowns and shopping can do that to girls!

OOOH......just in case you are reading my blog today because I mentioned the word SHOPPING....
I won't leave you without a squeal......
This past week, I found the bathing suit of my dreams...
Yes, of my dreams....
Isn't it sooo wonderful? SO Hollywood! So squeal worthy!
Can't you just see me in it with a pair of glam sunglasses, fab-sexy beachy shoes and a starlet-y hat?
I can! Oh, yes I can!
I'm thinking......sassy.....aren't you?
It hasn't arrived on my front porch yet.
But I just know when it's going to make me SQUEAL!!!
Oh, come on....let's SQUEAL together.....

And, if you haven't done so already....go back and visit my bathing suit....and check out Modcloth...the site where I got it!
Even more so, I love the story behind it....because it's a love story.....
Kissy-kissy love. And fashion love.
What could be better than that?
More squealing.....
Of course, I have even a little more love for them because of their connection to Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.
Oh, be still my heart....
Plus, they make shopping so fun.....
Quadruple SQUEAL-WORTHY!!!!!

Yes, it's a day all about LOVE.


I need a hanky now....don't you?


Nicole said...

what a HOT suit!!

Amaris said...

Great suit! I love it@

Bonnie said...

I bet you rock the suit.