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Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday has arrived on my doorstep......

Hello Monday.....

Yes, I know.....I didn't blog yesterday.
For that, I send my deepest apologies.
It was a very busy weekend with so much crammed into the space of just two days that I needed just a few extra hours of sleep on Sunday morning if I had any aspirations of looking good.
Forgoing blogging for vanity is definitely forgive-worthy!

Today, I have my 3 year Lapband appointment....
To get a fill or not get a fill?
That's the big question.
I'll let you know what the answer is.
So, that's what's happening today.....

But, right now....I want to talk about yesterday.....

My oldest cousin and her husband (on my mother's side of the family....the Italians) hosted a beautiful, family-filled, love-infested, tear-jereker of a celebration.
It was their 50th wedding Anniversary.
They had a gorgeous brunch with amazing food, perfect music, sumptuous surroundings and breathtaking table displays.
And, the cookies were to die for.....
It was the perfect way to celebrate such a celebration-worthy occasion.
Clearly, I must have behaved myself at their the tender age of one and a half. Because I got an invitation to return 50 years later.
(Oh.....I was a pretty cute little one and a half year my princessy dress, darling little shoes and big hair bow---nestled in my mother's arms)

Since when did I become so old that I am actually celebrating an event that I attended 50 years ago?

There were pictures and slide shows and stories and speeches and toasts and fabulous food and wonderful moments.

Yes, yesterday was a beautiful day.
One to remember.
Aunts and Uncles and cousins and kids of cousins and their kids and grandkids came from far and wide to join together to commemorate what was the very first cousin wedding in our family--50 years ago.
Funny how so many of their children and grandchildren have familiar if I saw them all before. Many, many years ago. Good looks passed down through the generations.

Seeing my dear mother--who has been gone for 37 years--flash across the big screens around the room---felt comforting and sweet. Not sad or mournful. She was such a huge presence in all of their lives and had a big personality that has never been forgotten. There were lots of "Din stories" (Din is my mother's nick name). Hearing my cousin call out to me as my mother's face flashed across the screen for the 20th time-- "look Judi, there's your mother again!" ---didn't feel odd or out-of-place. It was fun. As it should be...all these years later. We laughed. We smiled. Just as she did in all of those pictures. We smiled and laughed with her....again.
There were so many faces of so many loved ones we have lost--from my fun 19 year old cousin Ronny (who was killed in 1974) to my beloved Nana and Papa to my own mother,to my dear, dear aunts and uncles. All of them missed. Our tears are now gone. Wiped away by the years and the treasured moments they left behind. All of it a wonderful reminder of what it means to be a family. After the sadness, we find joy. We come together in the bad times and the good times and even the most ordinary times. We are blessed with our history and a feeling of belonging. It's our place....together.
Yes, the food was good, the party was fabulous and the mood was joyous.....but the best part of it all were the people....
My wonderful, sometimes wacky but always
I know them so well I can even predict what conversations we will have. always---and as I could have weight loss was both a show stopper and a big topic of conversation.
I often wonder when it will become old news with them!!
Probably never. They are all so aware and attentive and sweetly vain.
I'm not kidding.....
I come from a big family of good looking folks who know a thing or two about fashion and looking good. From the oldest to the youngest---everyone looked stunning.
And, we even marry good looking, well-put-together people.....
Gee and I wonder where I get my obsession with fashion and jewelry and make up and hair and weight?
My 92 year old Aunt Philomenia....the mother of 'the bride'.....looked radiant and fashionable.
As always.
When she reached up to me....I bent down to kiss her.
Instead, she pressed her lips against my ear and said "don't ever get that fat again."
I'm pretty sure that was an order.
One I plan to follow.

Oh and speaking of celebrations......I know I owe you all one.
My Third Bandiversary Party.....the one I had to delay due to Blogger picture loading issues.
Trust me, it's coming.
I promise.
I'm now having camera issues.
......I need new batteries.
But, first I have to remember to buy them......
This age thing is a real pain the ass....

Hello Monday.


Nikki P said...

Wow, what a joyous occassion. Lol at your Aunty's comment.
Congratulations on being banded for 3 years.

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I was married to an Italian man (and his family), for 18 years. Your family sounds just like his. I saw my ex MIL recently and she said (in her very heavy Italian accent) "your face was so bloated!" Your Zia's remark is classic! Congratulations!

Amaris said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all! I just lost my mother a couple of months ago, so it was reassuring to me to read that you could see pictures of her and feel good about it; I'm not quite there yet.

Christine said...

OMG I love your Aunt Philomena! That's hilarious! :-) It sounds like it was a fantastic day of celebration with your family. Oh, to be able to celebrate 50 years with my husband would be a dream come true. How lucky they are! :-)