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Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello from Dadland!

Thankfully, I'm not calling for HELP......yet....

It's Monday morning.
I've moved lock, stock and barrel into Dadland.
So, forgive me if my blogging is a bit off kilter.
I'm not used to anything around me.
First off, my sister's house is extremely organized....not at all like Judiland.
And, I'm not used to all the subdued, calming colors.
Like beige and violet and earthy moss.
And, there's very strange things in the in lots of frozen foods.
That would not make it one day in Judiland.
I live with a bunch of very demanding eaters....
Even the TV is a wacky.
And, forget about the channels.
What channel is GMA on? I gotta get a dose of Robin Roberts to kick off my day....
It was a bit of a different type of weekend.....
Somehow, it seemed if it would NEVER END!
Which is very different....very, very different.
I'm happy it's Monday.
For now.


The Universe said...

Young souls learn to accept responsibility for their actions.

Mature souls learn to accept responsibility for their thoughts.

And old souls, Judi, learn to accept responsibility for their happiness.
The Universe

Band Groupie said...

Left a reply to the trip on yesterday's blog, but I was Jo's post today about Put-In-Bay and wanted to make sure you have it:

Bonnie said...

Glad you don't have the S.O.S going yet.