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Thursday, July 2, 2009's all so real.....

all of it......

We're fresh off of a very overwhelming and information overload Freshmen orientation.

On the work front--my new boss started yesterday.
On the home front--we are hosting a huge bash in 9 days.
And it keeps getting bigger
I have to tell the caterer.
But, what will I say?
I'm not sure if we will have to feed 88 or 200?

My car needs inspected by July 31.
I need my car every damn day until then.
Carmen thinks there has to be a day that I can give it up.
Oh, and, yeah, he ran out of contacts
And I think he is running out of high blood pressure pills.
Oh and yeah, he is definitely running out of those other pills he takes.
He needs appointments ASAP.
He is traveling non stop for the next two weeks.
Did I mention that we are hosting a huge bash in 8 days?
And, by the way, we are leaving for vacation on July 18.
Where's that suitcase?

A two ton bolder is slowly falling from the sky directly towards my head.
I am standing in quick sand.
I can't dodge it.
I just have to stand here.

Do you think because I lost 100 pounds it will crush me faster?
I could use a good crushing.....

Happy July!!!


The Universe said...

What if, Judi, all that you had to look forward to were the things that are free, like sunrises, wagging tails, holding hands, and your imagination. Would it all be worth it?


What if you could trade-in some of your free stuff for fabulous wealth, fulfilling work, gorgeous looks, or anything else that your heart desired? Would it all be worth it?

Does a bear sleep in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic? Would you like syrup with your French Toast?

Visualize, Judi. Before the price goes up.

The Universe

Jody V said...

Hang in there Judi!! If anyone can pull this can!! Hope all goes well.


PS - wish you were here to yell "the Stripper's here"...that's the crushed you need!!