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Monday, July 6, 2009


No. No. No.
I guess "just say no" doesn't work when it comes to Mondays, huh?

I'm not sure about anyplace else on the planet--but weekends in Judiland are not long enough. And, three day weekends are even shorter. Complaining won't get me anywhere. And, honestly, we had an enjoyable and productive weekend. But, seriously, folks.....I could use just a little more weekend and a little less week. Especially this week.
But, I say that every week, don't I?

Well, I guess if I have to do Monday, I might as well jump with both feet.
So, here's the plan---I'm going to close my eyes and take a shot at it.

Hello I come!

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Kathy said...

I know what you mean Judi. I am retired now but I used to feel that way every week on MOnday morning. Never enough time to finish what I started. Hope you have a good week ahead of you. Sorry I have missed you the last few weeks. Been entertaining friends.............still................ugh!