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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Driving up the coast.......

Thus ends another year at the Village of Nags Head.
Where we spent 7 restful days.....dealing with a little bit of rain, a few storms and enough sunshine to keep us happy. As always, our stay was lovely---lounging at the Beach Club, cheering on the golfers, digging our toes in the sand, taking early morning water aerobics classes with Lisa and Mary, being chauffered by our all-time favorite shuttle bus guy--Tom Biggs (who donates all of his proceeds to the ALS Foundation after his wife died of the disease several years ago) and exploring the little shops and restaurants surrounding our beachy enclave. This year, we enjoyed some new gastronomic adventures. If you're ever visiting the's a few recommendations:
Barefoot Bernie's--the area's Pittsburgh bar! Yes, there's a Pittsburgh bar in every city across the world!
Red Drum ---be sure to try the Crab Bisque!
Mulligans--loving the crab cakes!
Taiko Sushi--where I fed my new found love of Sushi...try the tempura shrimp roll and the red spider roll....yum!

We also ventured out to the island of Manteo to soak up the history and culture of this picturesque area. For anyone planning a trip to OBX--be sure to include a day trip to Manteo! And, while you are there....please be sure to include a visit to Endless Possibilities! Check out their mission and their amazing woven clogs (good for the heart and the soul and the sole!)And, make sure to duck into all the quaint little shops on the side streets---where you will find a glorious little book store, some wonderful potters, jewelry makers and wood workers. Don't miss one storefront--from the antique shop to the aromatherapy boutique. You will find yourself in awe of the talent and expertise of the personable shop owners and feel inspired by their passion and creativity!
And, be sure to sneak in a little lunch or dinner at the delightful Full Moon Taphouse! Our beer aficionados were very pleased with their multitude of brews and accompanying taphouse inspired menu items. Although I wholeheartedly recommend that you try out their spicey lobster bisque with a refreshing glass of their Full Moon Blanc Vino. I promise you that it will be a fitting stop on your memorable tour of Manteo!

Next stop.........Corolla

See you there....


Jody V said...

Glad you are having a great vacation! Enjoy the week ahead!


Jody V said...

Live in the moment....the moment of finding a party hat dammit!! I need to focus. Thanks!!


Sonya said...

Oh this trip sounds heavenly...I've never been there. I'd love that shop too. I can tell. Their online shopping was not currently in service. But I love those handbags they show.
Have a nice Sunday.