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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scenes from Judiland.......

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
Did someone ask for pictures?

A few pictures from Toni's Graduation
18th Birthday Celebration

The fireplace display! My wonderful sister Denise did the "This is Toni's Life" picture boards! All the surrounding decor was done by my talented nieces--Alexa & Rosa. And, it's also showcasing just a few of the cookie trays.....(we ran out of room on the "cookie table"....a staple of Pittsburgh Italian celebrations!)

Vince & Toni......don't ask me what "Free Jughed" means.....all I know is that Toni hates that shirt and so that's why her brother drove all the way from PhDland just to show up with it on at her party! Brothers!

Toni and her beau Andrew....
Toni and her cutie cuz Rosa....also a new high school grad!! We'll be seeing her at the beach soon!! Rosa is going off to my alma mater in the Fall! Yeah Rosa!
Toni and her long-time BFF Hillary......who is leaving next week for the ivy covered halls of Thiel College!
We'll miss ya Hill! Rock Thiel!

Some pictures from our wonderful "just the 4 of us!" evening spent on the North Shore of Pittsburgh
where we had an amazing and relaxing meal at Hyde Park (thanks to the recommendation of one my most spirited friends--Angela!) and enjoyed strolling along the river admiring Pittsburgh!
It couldn't have been lovelier!

Vince and Toni.....this time Vince is wearing a respectable shirt!
Carmen and you can see from his belt....this guy is always "on call"! That man needs a vacation!!! Yeah, we're going....if I get all the underwear washed and packed!!!!
Toni and I posing in front our beautiful city----where the water is always blue and the sun is always shining!!!!

Just me.....showing off my shoes!

Yep, there's always a reason to celebrate in Judiland!
(gotta remember that.....)


Debbie said...

You looked incredible at Hyde Park...Love the outfit and especially THE SHOES...Have fun at the beach...Relax, thats what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look fabulous!! Love your outfit!! and the pics of Toni's grad party...she really is beautiful!!
What, no picture of the FOOD TABLE???? shame, shame, shame...LOLOL

Jill from NY

Jody V said...

Hey Judi - you look fuckin fabulous sister!! OH MY GOD!! More motivation for me! What a lovely family you have. You too, are very lucky!! Toni is such a beauty just like Mom!

Thanks for sharing!