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Friday, July 31, 2009

Do you know the way to the beach?

I'm lost....

Heading to the beach is completely different on the very last day. My mind is not filled with an inventory of sunscreen and magazines and beach drinks. It's filled with to-do lists and plans and questions and wonder.
What will be waiting for me when I return?
Will all those things that I put off until after vacation still be there?
Will I feel overwhelmed by everything or rested up enough that I can tackle them with energy and renewed creativity and skill?
Did anything change so much in my absence that my life will be effected by it?
And, last but not least--will I be able to hold back all the tears as we count down the days until Toni goes off to college or will I just cry my way through August?
These are the things I am thinking about this morning as I feel the sun against my face and listen to the waves crash against the sand.
I need a GPS to travel this next phase of my journey.....
Can you give me the directions?


TexasBecky said...

Judi, I suspect that you are going to face this next phase of your journey with the same gusto, wit, and curiosity that seems to be your trademark. And I'm confident that you're going to find that the empty nest is way better than you thought it would be. As a matter of fact, if you're like me, once the crying stops, you're going to down right love it! It creates a whole new set of adventures and I know how you love a good adventure.

Debbie said...

Let the tears flow ...
It's cleansing...
Somehow you will get past it and life will be better than ever.
So cry old friend cry, cry through August if you feel like it.

I cried all the way across the country and back when Dean moved to Vegas, harder than I have ever cried in my whole life. Sobbing, chest heaving crying, then when I quit crying I realized I did my job. I gave him a good foundation, taught him right from wrong and now it's his turn to spread his wings and fly. When he was home for a month while his hand healed, he realized his life was in Vegas and it was a little bit easier letting him go.
So let the tears flow, you're not loosing your daughter but gaining a new best friend, who just happens to be a short distance away.
We can cry together over cocktails ...
I'll bring the tissues.

Jody V said...

Hang in there Judi! You will tackle everything you need to. You always do.


Gerry said...

The way the time flies it will be the holidays and Toni will be home again. I remember when my youngest left for college for five years and now he's BAACCKKKKKK! I was definitely use to him not being home.

See ya Monday!