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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Put Mary in the Freezer.......

I need your help......

face her backwards......could you please....

Yes, I know....crazy as it sounds!
But, it works. Ask any Catholic.
If you want good have to follow the rules.
Put Mary in the freezer....make sure she faces the back of the freezer.
Go and get your Blessed Mother statues and push aside that bag of peas.
You've got fair warning--I need good weather on Friday! (we're hosting Toni's 18th birthday/graduation celebration gala to end all galas)
Here's exactly what I need--not too hot, not too cold....let's say a pleasant 75 degrees, no humidity, no rain.
Did you get that?
I'm counting on you.........!


Jody V said...

OK Judi - she's goin in!! Here's big wishes for a beautiful Friday!


Kathy said...

I'm sorry Judi, I don't have a Mary statue. I am not Catholic. I will however pray for your good weather. Yours and Jody's now.

Debbie said...

See, it all those neat kinds of things you learned in the Catholic Church, that I was talking about the other night. Protestants do not even have statues, or these wonderful folklore. I've heard if you want to sell a house you bury St Joseph in the front yard face down. What's with the face down / backward thing???
Anyway, it will be beautiful because it's Toni's party!

Eileen, Founder, Organizer, Mayor and Chief Cook And Bottle Washer of the Anger Management Girls. said...

We always put Mary in the window. Facing the weather!
It's worked most of the time!
Never heard of the freezer thing. Sounds like something someones mother did by accident.

Let's see, we have to put that sausage in the freezer, then put the Mary statue out.
Phone rings, oh hi.......

Days later on morning of the party. It's a beautiful beautiful day. Better take sausage out of freezer. OMG I must have set Mary statue in freezer while putting my sausage in.
Well it was supposed to rain all day and it's beautiful. I guess Mary helped in that freezer!
And a tradition was started.