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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let's get this party started........

It's time for Bandiversary Celebration Two!!!!!!!
And you are all invited!

I just can't have a Bandiversary Celebration without YOU!
And, this time, I want to see your party hats!
So, go ahead and grab those fancy toppers while I head out to the beach.
Don't be shy!!!! Put on that damn hat and say CHEESE!
Take a picture of you in your party hat and email it to me from my profile.
I need pictures of all of my guests for my blog!!!!
You don't want it to look like no one came to my you?
Make sure I get it by my Bandiversary---August 10!!!
That's the only way you'll get in the door to the biggest, most fab, rocking bandiversary party of the season!
There will be contests and prizes and giveaways and music to save your mortal soul! And, we will have lots of sweet treats and even a few surprises!

I can't wait to see YOU wearing your hat at my party! stop staring at this computer screen and go find your party hat and your camera and take that picture......!

Off to the beach.....

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