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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm going to the ends of the earth......

and I'm going to jump off......

(in reality.....I'm going to the beach....)

Yes, it's pre-vacation stress time. I've been so busy sneaking mini cream puffs from the freezer (to ward off the stress) that I haven't even begun to get us all ready. Nothing is packed. Nothing is even thought about. I haven't been able to unearth a bathing suit from my long-ago thinner days. Although, if I continue the clandestine cream puff eating, I might be back in my big girl floatation device swimwear before we even walk out the door.
Yes, I know, I didn't admit to the cream puffs yesterday when I told you about the thumbprints. Maybe that makes them not count.
Yes, I know. I have to stop eating the cream puffs. And those cute little chocolate eclairs too.
Yes, I have been eating those as well. Frozen, of course. Which I think cancels out calories and fat. I think I read that somewhere. I back to my fat girl eating behavior?
Alright, so I've made a few faux paux. Eating frozen baked goods is definitely not a classy thing. It doesn't look good with Size 10 pants, a new pedicure and my fun new shade of lip gloss. I get it. But, have you ever tasted a frozen cream puff or bit into a frozen eclair? The mini ones, of course. I mean...really....have you ever tasted them?
Alright, alright. I'm over it. I'm heading straight to the freezer right now and banishing those cute little morsels of goodness from my house. Yes, that's right.....I'm carrying them out to the curb and tossing them into the street. Right in front of where I live. There will be mini cream puffs and little chocolate eclairs scattered about.
Anyone need directions to my house?


Debbie said...

I'm coming over with a garbage bag.
Get rid of those cream puffs and eclairs...They are the devil, and don't get rid of them by eating them, you have worked too hard (you & your lap band) to get where you are today, to let some pastry (not even homemade) sabotage you.
The starving children in China will never know.

Anonymous said...

Stop it right now!!! Start drinking your water to flush them all out. You know how it is the more sugar we eat the more we want.