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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is REALITY real?

or have we scripted reality so much that even reality isn't real.....?
Yep, you guessed it....we had some rain. When there's rain at the beach and there's no projects to tackle or to-do lists to check off and no one feels like shopping, the TV goes on and everyone finds themselves sucked in by anything that appears on the screen. I mean, it's not like home when Carmen gets a hold of the remote and channel surfs until he clears the room. He does have some manners when he is in a group.....
So, we watch reality TV. Who knew there were so many reality TV shows? Everyone has one! Except me, of course. Unless you consider my blog somewhat of a reality show.

Interestingly--the fact that a blog is supposed to be a reality type of forum--supports my initial question--is REALITY real?

Let me set the record straight on that one---my blog is a reality show with some scripting and some limited peeping into my world. The reality is that I did lose 100 pounds and the people I talk about are real (and their names have not been changed to protect the innocent) and I do blog about things in my real life. For instance--I do love shoes and chai lattes and I do have a cache of contraband cigarettes. As for the scripted parts--I do have a loose outline of topics that I want to share that might not be what's on my mind on that particular day. And, every once in awhile, my entries are written ahead of time in case I don't have time to compose one. As for the limited parts--I don't tell you everything that goes on in my world. For one thing--a lot of it is mundane. And, for another--a girl has got to have some secrets. Plus, let's face it--this is my blog so this is MY REALITY.
And, I'm so glad you are here with me in my reality.
So, please keep coming back to peek into my world....

Speaking of Reality TV....don't forget to try and tune into
MORE TO LOVE tonight!

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Anonymous said...

I love reading and being part of your "reality show/blog". It would be silly to think or assume that you would let it all hang out here,or that you had all this extra time on a daily basis to write and share your minute to minute feelings. Blogging is and should be entertainment and your shoes do that lolol.I am glad you are part of the blogging world and thankful for your friendship and inspiration.Hugs, Lucy