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Monday, July 21, 2008

Very Important Questions From the Beach........

As I sit in my beloved beach chair and stare out into the endless ocean, I ponder such important things. Critically important things. Things that I don't have time to think about in my normal life. This is the place where I do the big thinking. This is where I explore the inner most crevices of my thoughts. As I was pondering some of my bigger and more complex occured to me that perhaps I should share some of them with my blog readers.

Here are the questions I've been exploring the past 48 hours....
*If I HAD to gain 10 lbs what would I eat to gain it?
*What is my favorite bad habit?
*What is my favorite tree?

How would you answer these thought provoking and important questions?

There's 5 points for each answer....


Jody V said...

Hi Judi!! do some wild thinking on the beach! I am also at the beach.

I would eat cheeseburgers and onion rings to gain my 10 pounds.

My favorite bad habit is drinking of course!!

My favorite tree is a maple.

Enjoy your vacation!! Size 6 please.

MariB said...

Hi Judi!
I agree with Jody, you do some wild thinking on the beach! LOL! So glad to see you post from the beach.
To gaine 10 lbs I would eat MEXICAN FOOD
Bad Habit? Mexican Food
Tree? Christmas Tree!

Have fun!

Gerry said...

Hope you are having a great time! All quiet here......

If I gained 10lbs. from what I ate it would have to Beto's Pizza.

My favorite bad habit is procrastinating will wait for me until tomorrow.

My favorite tree is a cherry tree, it's so beautiful when it blooms.

Take pictures!


Anonymous said...

to gain 10 pds....I would (and do,lol) eat chocolate chip cookies, full fat version of anything, french fries, ice cream, butter, you want me to keep going?? LOL

Fav bad habit....swearing!!! and the "F" word is my fav and I do not know why!!

Fav tree....I live in New England so it is the maple tree in the fall....cant top that!!!

Jill G (jbean)

Anonymous said...

Hi Judi,
Blogging from the beach! Impressive. Wonder why you are thinking THOSE thing!
You made me think too! BUT I am not at the beach! 8-(
-To gain 10 lbs I don't have to eat a damn thing (evidently!) but if I could fantasize about eating ANYTHING at all and as much as I want of it then it would have to be anything ITALIAN that YOU cook!

-Favorite bad habit is random sex

-Favorite tree is one that doesn't drop its leaves in the fall!

hope you are having fun!

Jody V said...


Thanks for the words of wisdom!! I need to get my butt moving and get to goal. That is too funny about the cheeseburgers! Sounds like we have a lot in common. Great minds do think alike!

Hope you are having a great time! It is rainy here today but I can use this time for shopping!

Again, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey's your cousin Kelly. Don't mean to interrupt your vaca...but my mom wanted me to try and get in touch with you.

Not sure if you're checking these messages...but if you do...can you please email my mom with the name and hospital where you got your surgery. (, or me at

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Talk to you soon...Kelly