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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Last Curtain Call for July....

Should I take a bow? Honestly, I could not have written a better script. Here I sit....wondering....could I have even imagined any of it? August 2008 is looming. A year ago, my new chapter began. When I started this journey, the biggest change I was expecting was size. And, for me, that was good enough. No, it was perfect. I figured my life would stay exactly the same but I'd be living it in smaller clothes. I'm pretty sure that's all I wanted. The smaller sizes happened. The same life didn't. Things have changed. Things I didn't expect. Big things. Little things. Life things. Important things. Not-so-important things. Things I didn't want to change. Things I thought would never change. I've blogged about some of it. I haven't blogged about some of it. It's not that I'm keeping secrets. Some of the changes just take longer to process than others. I'm still processing some it. You know, I'm wrestling with it or letting it simmer or trying to figure it out. Other things I've processed very well and am A-OK with it. Then, there's still other things....looming things that creep into my conscious when I least expect it. Reminding me that life is quite different. There's big things that have changed. Really changed. And, I'm not ready for some of those changes. But, I'm on vacation and I'm celebrating my bandiversary so I am not going to dwell on the things that are nagging at me. My life will be waiting for me when I'm done vacationing and celebrating.

Please, no encore.... the way, we're drawing the winner of the shoes later today....I'll announce it here as soon as it's done! Good Luck SHOE LOVERS!!!!!!

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Jody V said...

Hey Judi,

Great post. I am only half way there and I feel some life changes that I never thought I would. Good or bad we deal with it, right? Glad you are celebrating!! Please let us know what drink you picked with your menu!! Enjoy!