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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Live and Learn!

Now, remember when I started my Bandiversary celebration questions? I said I might ask academic questions. I'll bet you thought you were in the clear with me here at the beach. I mean, who would expect me.....Ms. ask academic questions? Well, your gal Judi is one surprising beach babe. Denise Richards thinks she is complicated. Hell, she's got nothing on me. I'm Ms. Complicated-Plus. I'm complex. Oh yeah, I'm just one big question mark. Case in I am at the beach...sitting at the beach all day reading decorating magazines and smoking contrand cigarettes, drinking margaritas at happy hour and then climbing a famous sand dune at night. Now, if that doesn't scream "complicated", I don't know what does! A girl who loves rock and roll and the Food Network.
Just try to figure me out.....(no extra points for anyone who thinks they can.....)

As for the academic question....
-What is a fulgurite?
a)member of the NC Fulgur Church
b)enzyme found in hot dogs
c)preservative used for seafood
d)hollow tube formed when lighting strikes the sand
e)rock formation in a cave
f)sea urchin

5 points for every correct answer!


Jody V said...

D - hollow tube formed when lighting strikes the sand

And that's my final answer!! Where the hell did you find that word??

I had a peach martini that rocked my socks!! Gotta get that recipe!

Rebecca said...

Judi, I have to vote D and mention that I know that (or at least think I know that) from the movie "Sweet Home Alabama". You'll have to rent that if you haven't seen it... stupid, fun, romantic, etc., etc.

Have a margarita for me! R.

Gerry said...

Jody & Rebecca beat me answering (d) which is one of my favorite movies! Guess where I'm going tonite and to gain 10 lbs?

Gerry ;)

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

D, where do you get this stuff?????