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Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's not always Happy in Happy Valley.......

Yes, friends, Happy Valley was the destination of my celebratory road trip. Sorry to disappoint anyone who wanted to hear all about Intercourse or Climax. Maybe next time.

This little road trip was not originally planned in conjunction with my Bandiversary celebration. Trust me, if I was planning a party time trip---it may not have been to intercourse or climax but I would have done my best to include both of them. However, since I didn't realize that I'd have this huge celebration on my hands, the reason for the trip sounds much more Martha Stewartish than Debbie-Does-Dallasish. We went up for the big Arts & Crafts festival and to check out the place. Our son will be moving there in August to get his PhD and teach. So, considering that the trip was during my big marathon party, it was only right that we interrupt the artsy-crafty stuff and all the sight seeing to have a few drinks at one of the college watering holes. And, given the fact that it was hot, humid and very crowded and I was feeling a little weepy about my son moving away for the next 5 years.....a bar stop seemed to be the only sane thing to do.

Now, the one thing about college bars is that it's filled with college kids. Young, smart, filled with youthful exhuberance and kinda cute. So, there we were, sitting at the bar, conversing with a few nice enough guys who were drinking pitchers of Long Island Iced Teas (the special of the day....only $6 a pitcher...what a steal!). They seemed to enjoy our conversation...we're hip like that. Or, maybe it was those pitchers of booze they were inhaling that made us so interesting to them. But, whatever the reason, we managed to command their attention for at least a little while.

After a few glasses of wine and idle chatter, my age took over and I had to excuse myself to go to the restroom. And, that's where it happened. Up until that point, I would have sworn I could have been mistaken for a college student myself. I mean...I was wearing a cute little top, a pair of jean capris and some funky, fun jewelry. But, the mirror in that bathroom said something different. It said...."okay, you 49 year old, you have a stray, wirey chin hair". The proof was right there--I was not a college student and there is no way in hell I could be mistaken for a college student. Trust me, if you are going to find a stray chin hair, a college bar is not the place to find it. I mean, it just puts a damper on any frat boy fantasies you may have. And, it certainly reminds you that this is not the place for you!

The last time I was in a college bar, I swear the lights weren't that bright. And, the mirror was not that clear. Okay,'s been awhile since I've been in one. And, yes, maybe I couldn't see very well last time I was in one. Who gives a shit, anyway! Aren't college bar bathrooms supposed to be dimly lit with graffiti filled mirrors? Why did this one have such good lighting and nice mirrors? Didn't they know I was celebrating my bandiversary? How dare they put a damper on my party! was back to arts and crafts for me and forget about college bars. At least I had a few glasses of wine to lessen the sting of reality.

Since it's party time and all, I just can't end on that negative note! So,here's some cute little signs I found to bring some chuckles.....

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