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Monday, July 14, 2008

I LOVE Lubomyr Kuzmak ........shhhhhhhhhh

It's between you and I, of course. Wouldn't want the word to get out....Carmen might get a little upset....

Not sure if I'm just tired and a bit delirious from all this bandiversary partying or if I'm just funky from the daily chores that don't seem to go away. I'd prefer to think that it's the partying. There's nothing fascinating about being tired from laundry and is there? And, I am all about being fascinating.....

Speaking of fascinating....I guess you're wondering about my new love interest. The man who has my heart all a flutter. Well, here he is.....
I am in love with this man.....Lubomyr Kuzmak

Yes, I know, he doesn't seem to be my type, really. And, I doubt he loves rock and roll or shoes. But, this man saved me. I love him. I really do. Every inch of him. Even that interesting hair do. I love him. I mean, I am definitely not into his wardrobe choices and I am pretty sure I could put a smile on his face. But, his mind---I love it. He understands me like no one else. And, he is smart. Smarter than any man on the face of this earth. His strong intelligence and compassionate heart exudes a quiet sexiness. I mean, look at those eyes. They are the eyes of my soul mate. My man. The man I love so deeply, so purely and so intensely that I can barely contain myself as I type these words. This man has done more for me than every man I know put together and multiplied by 10. This man has changed my life and carried me to places I have never been before. This man turned my world upside down, right side up and on it's side. This man makes me laugh. He makes me sing. He makes me moan with delight. This man has given me more pleasure and more joy than I ever dreamed possible. He's brought me to my knees, he's lifted me in the air....hell...he's spun me around and made me do cartwheels. He's laid me down on soft pillows and whispered in my ear. He told me I was beautiful and he made me believe it. And, shit, this man has balls. You better believe it! He would not allow me to give in or to give up no matter how many times I pleaded. He is strong. Regal. Handsome. Amazing. He is my knight in shining armor and my king. There is no man like Lubomry. Yes, he may be a bit older than I and yes, he has been dead for going on 2 years. But, my love for him cannot be harnessed by age or death. My love for him goes beyond conventional love. My love for him is huge. I owe him everything. This man has brought the woman out in me. Not just the woman. He's unleashed the vixen inside of me and released the hungry passion that laid dormant in my soul. He's coaxed me into push-up bras and racey little panties and then dared me to take them off. He's given me hope and joy and passion and confidence and happiness and euphoria and unmentionable things and things I could not even put into words. My Lubomyr. The man I love with all of my heart and all of my soul. He may be gone from this world but he remains inside of me every day of my life. His presence in my being brings me a pleasure and satisfaction that no living human being has ever been able to provide. Lubby...I love you so.

For 5 points.....why do you think I love Lubomyr so much?
a)he is well endowed (his manhood....duh)
b)his family owns a shoe conglomerate
c)he invented the Lap Band
d)he invented Lip Gloss
e)he taught me how to square dance


Anonymous said...

He's a looker Judi!
My guess is that he invented the Lap Band! Am I right?
Can you post how we are all doing points wise?
Happy Monday!

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

lap band!

Daffodil Hill said...

I'm pretty certain he must have invented the lapband. And that's my final answer. ; )

Jody V said...

Lap Band it is for me too! Gotta love this guy!

Anonymous said...

You square dance?

Gerry said...

He looks like a movie star! Little like Kirk Douglas. Anyway, my answer is c)he invented the Lap Band.


Anonymous said...

Judi, I love him too! It probably is a good thing that he's gone on to a better place, or I'd have to fight you for him and that would just be ugly. This darling man invented the lap band and changed my life too! Texas Becky

MariB said...

You are so funny and creative! You lift my spirits so much just reading your blog! I love the good dr too. I wish he were still living to help me thru the latest problem with my port! Hope to have good news from tomorrow at my appt. I NEED A FILL! I NEED A FILL!
Thanks for your nice email today! You are the best!