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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Taking the celebration on the road........

So, if one was going to take a road trip during a celebratory during my Bandiversary Marathon Party Days (which is happening right now in case you forgot).....where should one go? If you can't go to a place named Party Town just doesn't seem right. I mean, let's face it.....celebrating in a place called BlackLick or Smock or Library (yes, they are all PA towns!) just doesn't cut it. And, forget about Blueball and Bird-In-Hand (yes, more PA towns!). It has to be someplace that oozes celebration, gushes good times, conjurs up feelings of euphoria and makes you think "dancing in the streets".

Considering that I am this said person who is taking this said road trip and I am this said person who is celebrating and I definitely want to keep to the whole celebration theme (because I like themes).....knowing all of this....where do you think I am going on my road trip? Hint--it's in Pennsylvania.
You'll get 5 points if you get the answer right...bringing you one step closer to being a winner!!!

Here's the choices.....all of them are in Pennsylvania (check for yourself if you don't believe me!)
Happy Valley
Balls Mills
Zip Down

Good Luck! And, whereever your road trip takes you this weekend....if the place you're going ain't rockin', you gotta rock it!


Jody V said...

OK Judi,

I stink at this stuff! The hint didn't help me much! I know that Intercourse is Amish Country and I enjoy going there. Not that it doesn't rock but you will definitely have to add a little! So, that is my guess...Intercourse.
By the way, we just added that to the calendar for a day trip!

Jody V
Crazy Ates Bandsters

Eileen, The Mayor, or Francine, depending on my mood and night of the week. said...

Im torn between Happy Valley and Intercourse.
Although now that I think about it, you can be in a happy vally after intercourse!

Anonymous said...

the first thing that popped into my head was Intercourse, even before I saw the choices!! LOL I always thought that was the strangest name for a town!! and I would never want to say I lived in that town!!
Jill G

Anonymous said...


My guess is Happy Valley! The Central PA Arts & Crafts is this weekend and isn't that where your son will be teaching and getting his PHD? Sorry if I have an unfair advantage since I know all this stuff! But you have an unfair advantage about my endangered pleasures (love how you called them that!)
I just love your blog! It is great for my boring Saturday night! We need to have a Judi Blog Weekend. I have to meet these people!!!