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Friday, July 18, 2008

The journey back to the beach.......

Alright, Alright....I're wondering.....Judi with no shoes? Have no fear...there will be shoes. Remember....I'll be shoe shopping for one lucky winner! So, keep posting (yes, I'll check in every so often from the beach!) your shoe sizes (as many times as you like!)! My BANDIVERSARY CELEBRATION CONTINUES!
Oh, and, the whole no shirt thing may have you perplexed as well. Judi....with no shirt?
Let's just say this.....the no shirt thing may all depend on the beach drink of the day. And, the no problem thing? THAT will be no problem.

Yes, I'm off to the beach. I'm returning to those footprints in the sand. The ones left behind by an obese woman. But, just as the waves have washed those footprints away...that obese woman is gone as well. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

When I waved good-bye to the sand and the surf last year, I did so with a promise. And, I've kept it. The journey from that beach and back has been a blessing. As I take my place at the edge of the earth...where the water meets the land....I do so as a woman who climbed a mountain.

HELLO you remember me?


Daffodil Hill said...

You have come so far in this last year, Judi. I am SO proud of your accomplishments! This time last year we were all cheering you on (though a little fearful) in your lapband journey. It's hard to believe it's been a year already, but you have stayed your course and changed your life. Ya done good, girl! Ya done good! ; )

I don't think I'm much of a candidate for those cute crocs, but my shoe size is 7.5. Now you go make some new footprints in that sand and have a wonderful time making new memories as well. I'll be eagerly watching for the great stories you'll be sure to tell when you return. : ) {{hugs}}

Amy said...

Hey Judi I am back. I did go on a vacation. I went on a five week second honeymoon with my husband. I will write about it today...
All my love.

Jody V said...

Hi Judi -

I am also off to the beach next week. The Jersey Shore of course. I am now done with work (so I hope) and am in vacation mode.

Have a great trip. I am glad you will be checking in!! We need our dose of Judi for sure! Have a great time, relax and enjoy the new you!! Size 6 please!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Judi!
I'm tearing up here. You have a real way with words and imagery (is that a word?) You can make me laugh and cry and suspense and entertain me. Honestly, girl, quite your job and write, write,write!
Have a great time at the beach and try to post every so often. I want to hear about the NO SHIRT days! Have a beach drink for me please! We will get together when you are back.
You are #1!

BandedLadyL said...

Hi dearestJudi!It has been awhile! I am SOOOO glad you and your fun blog is still here! I must catch up. My success has been less then hoped but it is my own doing. I work it with goodies that can get thru it with no problem. Just switched my vices which is BAD.
I came here because I want to get back on a good track and knew YOU could inspire me with your blog and the person you are!
No!!! I do no believe it has been a year since you started up the Crazy Ates Group for August banders (I ended up in Sept tho but keep up on your group readily. Great little group you have there! I lst "met" when you were going to the beach with that thing on your ankle for your Lapband study and you had to do liquid pre-op diet there! No one could believe that you did! That is what I think about when I think about YOU! ROTFL
I will be catching up on your blog and ready for new posts when you get back!
Can't be too thin or too tan!
Have fun!
Louise P.

MariB said...

Have a SUPPPPER time Judi!

I will miss your daily posts (so will everyone in my office!). WE LOVE YOU JUDI!
Thank you for the nice note. I am sorry I did not let you know the result of my dr appt and what is going on. I emailed you this am to update you on my situation (too long and boring AND depressing to post here). I am looking forward to having things back to normal for me. You will keep me smiling until then and after too!
I will think of you with that drink in your hand!

Jody V said...

Hey Judi -

Hope you are having a great time!! Starting to have Judi Blog withdrawals but I think I will make it through it. I'll just try all those drink recipes to make myself feel better. Size 6 please!

Jody V

Anonymous said...

Wow I cant believe it is a year, which means it has been a year since I also joined you wonderful woman over at the CS message board!! how times flies!!

I hope you have a great vacation. I never get to take one so party on for me!!

and my shoe size is 7...those shoes would look so cute on me!! LOL (hint,hint,hint!!)

Jill G (jbean)

Anonymous said...


Congratulations!!!! You've done an incredible job!!!


Jody V said...

Hey Judi -

Having fun?? I sure am!! This martini is for you!! Have a great trip and my size is 6!!