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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Take a stand against labels that give you guilt.

If you want a piece of chocolate.....I say have it.
Not because it's FAT TUESDAY.
But because you want a piece of chocolate.

I've had enough FAT Tuesdays (and Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays and Mondays....) in my life.
So, for me...declaring one particular day of the year a bonafide, official day that's meant for FAT behavior seems like a waste of 24 hours.
24 hours that we will never get back again.
It's time we start giving ourselves permission to wipe the negative labels.
Life is short. Eat the chocolate. Have the martini. Hell.....have some fun.
If you want to....
But, whatever you do, do not do it because it's FAT TUESDAY.

I say.....if you want to party and indulge....just do it.
Don't label it with that ugly, feel-bad word.

I am the voice of experience.

Living a life filled with FAT Tuesdays followed up by might as well eat some more Wednesdays, let's keep stuffing it in Thursdays , let's see what's on the happy hour buffet Fridays, gee it's the weekend, I deserve to stuff it in Saturdays, eating is my religion Sundays only to return to diet Mondays, I know a thing or two about feast and famine and overindulgence and guilt and all that goes with it.
A few years back, I did an excellent blog post (if I may say so myself....) about the whole Mardi Gras mind set. If you get a chance, you might want to read it for yourself....
Although my thoughts are pretty much the same two years later....I just wanted to share the wisdom of a now 2 year older Judi.
And, that wisdom goes something like this---
Embrace each day.....yes even a day to live the life you want and not let the word FAT become a part of it!!!

So, yes, that means if you want to be wild, indulge in sin, eat 6 Big Macs and live out your wildest fantasies today (CharlieSheenasize) then I say party on.

Because that's how you roll....

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