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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's try this again.......

Yesterday morning couldn't have been more hopeful....for a Monday.
Yes, I was tired and dragging from a weekend filled with...well....a weekend.
But, it was a good weekend.....a good tired is better than a bad tired any day.
Yes, even though I spent 20 minutes racing around the house looking for my sweet new trench coat, I was still optimistic about my day.
(Only to recall on the drag race into the office for a meeting that I didn't wear it home on Friday.....I left it in my office.)
When I got to the office....there it was. Right where I left it.
Seeing my darling trench coat confirmed for me that the possibility for a productive day was good.
I would get through my office to-do list with no problem and then cap the day off with a haircut and coloring. And, maybe even a glass of wine while watching "Dancing With the Stars"
That was my Monday plan.
I wasn't looking for much.

Well, things didn't quite go that way.
My to-do list got put on my to-do list.
My hair appointment got moved to a later time.
I got home too late to watch anything but the 10:00 news.
I was tired and cranky and hungry and tired and cranky and hungry.
I poured a glass of wine for dinner.
I didn't have the energy to decide on what I wanted to eat and I definitely didn't have the energy to cook anything.
Dinner was a glass of Coppola Bianca.
No protein. So, shoot me.

Halfway into the glass, I somehow passed out on the couch.
Four hours later, I woke up to the sound of my wine glass crashing to the ground.
Yes, I fell into a deep sleep while holding my glass of wine.
For 4 solid hours I sat comatose on the couch, in my work clothes--shoes and all--holding a 1/2 way full glass of wine and I did not lose a drop of wine. Until it crashed to the ground, of course
But, for 4 hours, while sound asleep, I managed to retain my dignity....

I am good....ain't I?

Now, let's see if I can master my to-do list....


Band Groupie said...

You are Amazing...and I hope you got to drink the other half!

...and why haven't I heard about Gabe's before??!!

Nella said...

You are GOOD!

Gerry said...

....luckily you didn't have a cigarette in your hand!