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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Massage 1-0-1 for Lapbanders.....

RULE # 1--Do not schedule your massage immediately after lunch.

As a special reward for all of our hard work and effort these past few months, yesterday was massage day at the office.
A lovely, thoughtful way to usher out a snowy, cold winter month and get our muscles ready for spring.
Yes, it was a wonderful idea.
Two professional massage therapists set up shop in our conference room and one-by-one, we brought our weary, Mondayfied bodies in for some tender, relaxing care.
I scheduled my appointment for 12:15.
However, at the last minute, I traded spots with one of my coworkers because his work schedule had been derailed.
Since I had some extra time, I decided to eat my lunch before my massage instead of after my massage as I had originally planned.
Cranberry, walnut, chicken salad.....yum!

My wonderful massage therapist had the sheer pleasure of moving the yummy salad through my the tune of stomach music and just a few agonizing groans.

Hello March!

1 comment:

Beth Ann said...

I have TOTALLY been there! I love massages, but I have to wait a full two hours after eating before I will enjoy one these days. :)