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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I need my groove back!!!

If you happen to have it, please return it immediately.
No questions asked.

The Monsters of March have invaded Judiland.
And, I don't have the energy or the time to chase them away.
I'm praying that the Angels of April will swoop in and inject me with some fresh spirit.
March is just one of those months.
Or so it seems.
Spring pokes its head out to tease you.
You're just plum tuckered out from winter--so you welcome the sunshine and warmth.
Then, bam....just like that, it's cold and there's talk of snow.
Just when you've had quite enough, thank you.
Just when you are aching to put away the heavy coats and the gloves and the boots and the wool blazers and the turtlenecks and drag out the sunny tops and the cute little capris and the sandals...the weather tells you no, no, no, you gotta wait a little while longer.
It's tiring. Enough to make even the most optimistic girl feel like pulling the covers over her head and sleep until it's really SPRING.

The funny thing about doing a daily blog is that you can always go back to see what you were up to at the same time last year and the year before and the year before that.
Just like clockwork--I find that March always gives me a one-two punch.
Other than the fact that the St. Pat's Day Parade and the holiday itself gives these 31 days a bit of excitement....March is just a month of waiting.
I'm just not the patient type.
So, I get restless and kinda cranky.
And tired.
Exhausted, really.
Not the best look for me. Especially at my age....

It's times like this that remind me that I really miss those energy shots at Starbucks......


Sam said...

It is almost over and when it is, we can only hope that the mass thief of motivation will be solved and we can all get our mojo back :o)

Kathy said...

Come on warm sunshine and flowers blooming!!! Yeah!!!