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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ashes! Ashes!

We all fall down.....

Yep, it's Ash Wednesday here in Judiland.
What that means is that I'm smack up against a few challenges.
Between dealing with my Wednesday morning scuttlebut and working out my schedule in order to make the time to get my ashes artfully placed on my forehead, I also have to figure out how to do my Lenten duty of force feeding my family seafood for dinner while also making said dinner a special farewell to Vince occasion.
Yes, Vince is returning to PhDland tomorrow morning.
His little Spring break is over.
He must return to his research.
So, as I scurry about my morning duties, race to the office, deal with everything that's sitting on my desk (that I didn't deal with yesterday because I sat in a full-day of training)--all the while feeling just a little bit sad that will soon I will be bidding our wonderful time with our fun son good-bye--I must pull together a plan to find a restaurant between Carmen's worksite, my office and our home (since the kids will be traveling from home).
It has to be one that is not only convenient to get to within a reasonable amount of time but that also serves a killer fish sandwich and has a decent wine list.
Carmen will have to travel to join us.
Vince will want a killer fish sandwich.
And, I'll need wine.

So, that's my Ash Wednesday.
Today is probably not the best day to give up chocolate.
But, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
My father and the Catholic church expect that much out of me....

It's a real ring around the rosey here in Judiland.
Perhaps I'll wait until tomorrow to all fall down.

Here's hoping your day is a pocket full of posies.....


~Lisa~ said...

Oh Mercy, Lady - I'm exhausted just reading this blog!! Enjoy your time with your family...

Annie said...

Hey there Judi,
New follower, need to catch up on all of your entries, but need to say that I LOVE your attitude (and the color RED too!)