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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's talk about those nasty extra pounds.....

that sneak up when you aren't watching.....

It happened.
When I least expected it, I've gained a few pounds.
Based on the fact that a pair of pants that I easily glided on in November would not zipper comfortably the other day--it's probably more like 8-10 pounds.
I'm going to go with 9.
I don't like double digits....when it comes to weight gain.
So, I'm back on the band wagon.

But, what does that mean?

Like many of my banded brethren, I have vowed never to diet again.
And, I have no intentions of going back on that vow.
Not now.
Not ever.
I got my Lapband for many of them being the no-dieting thing.
Even though there are moments when I miss the thrill of a new diet....I shall not diet.

Why are there moments when I miss going on a diet?
A diet brings with it hope.
And the thrill of successes.
Plus, it's something new.
I like new and shiney things that bring hope and success.
Don't you?

So, let me tell you---it's pretty tough right now NOT TO GO ON A DIET.
I'm truly sacrificing here by not going on a diet.
I know that sounds absolutely crazy but hear me out.
First of all---I've never been on a diet when I only have to lose 10 pounds from the beginning.
So, that in itself makes me want to go on a diet.
I only have to lose 10 pounds!!
Quite a bit different from the 50, 80 and 100 that I was always facing on every other diet I went on.
It sounds kind of enchanting.
I remember when people would tell me that they wanted to go on a diet to lose 10 pounds.
I would look at them like they had 2 heads! What's 10 pounds?
So, yeah, I would like to be that girl who says she is going on a diet to lose 10 pounds.

Plus, I've been missing the whole idea and feeling of losing weight.
I've sat back in astonishment all these months as I ate those cookies and that chocolate and drank that wine and never gained an ounce.
I mean, it's not like I ate the same volume of food that I did in my pre-banded days!! Heaven's no...thank you Lapband!
But, given that I have always lived with a good food-bad food mentality, I equate cookies and chocolate and wine and chips and nachos as being bad food that you eat when you were being a bad dieter. I soooo deserved to gain weight if I ate them.
Does anyone get what I am saying?
Or, am I really crazy?

Well, all that chatter didn't help me with my problem.
It brings me right back to my quandary....the only way I know how to lose weight is to go on a diet.
And I am not going on a diet.
But, damn I have to get rid of these 9 pounds.....


Jacquie said...

I totally get you! Now that my daughters wedding is behind us, I am determined to lose the last 15 lbs I have to reach my goal....doc says I've already reached his goal but its not enough!

I am sure you'll have no problem knocking those 9 lbs off!

Gen said...

I so understand! If I could "go on a diet" maybe I could lose my last 20 or so....But I refuse to do it.

I do not consider journaling my calories and exercise "a diet", it is more like checking in on myself. Maybe give it a shot? Or just go back to basics - small portions, protein. I know it will come right back off for you!

Jody V said... I EVER understand! At least you caught it. So...NO DIET. Back to band rules that we followed when we lost the initial weight. Good reason to go to Trader Joe's and shop till you drop for all that lovely protein!!

Anonymous said...

Ok so what do we do?!!! I haven't gained, but I'm stuck! Hate it.