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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sizes schmizes......

Pants schmants.......
I think I love you, so what I am I so afraid of?

Losing 115 pounds can be rather pricey when it comes to wardrobe building.
It's a budget buster with every change of season.
It's the only downside from what I can tell.

You are probably sitting there thinking that since my weight loss is old news and it appears that I've been shopping my way through it, why in the hell am I still trying to build my wardrobe?
Although there are no dumb questions.....that is a dumb question.

Fashion is the way I roll.
To roll with fashion, a girl has gotta shop.
Enough said.

My shopping adventures take me to many places to build my wardrobe.
One thing I will say is that I take great pride in my acumen when it comes to being both fashionable and thrifty.
Thrifty, of course, is not a word that most people would use to describe me but that's probably because they just don't know me that well.
I'm stylishly thrifty.
The stylish aspect is very well known, the thrifty part is a very well-kept secret.
So, we're gonna keep the thrifty part between you and me. Deal?

I love to shop at off-price stores like Marshall's (and T.J. Max and Steinmart and Burlington), at little out-of-the-way boutiques, with online retailers such as Modcloth and at junior type stores like Forever 21---to name just a few of my regular bargain-hunting haunts.
I adore coupons for Chico's and Coldwater Creek as well as their sale racks and online deals.
I always like to whirl through Anne Taylor, White House-Black Market, Anthropologie and Cache.
I'm always up for a trip to Old Navy, H&M and Target.
And, last but not least---I have a very strong adoration of upscale resale and consignment shops.
You get the picture....I like to get what I want, wear what I like, be fashion forward and stylish, look good and feel good and not spend a fortune for it all.
After all, I not only have an image to maintain but I have to save some money for contraband cigarettes, martinis, good gin, chai lattes, groceries and college tuition....

One of my absolute fav places to visit at least twice a month is a consignment shop just a few miles from my house--The Savvy Fox.
This place is chalk full of wonderful, like-new (and even sometimes new) treasures---from gorgeous home decor items from sample homes and designers to hi-end haute culture clothes and shoes.
Everything in the store is stellar.
It is a downright thrilling shopping delight.
And, the cherry on top of the experience is the women who work there.
Polished. Knowledgable. Fashionable. Helpful. Insightful. Personable.
The owner and the entire staff has exceptional taste and work very hard at giving the place a very boutique-y feel. They only accept top notch merchandise and they display everything beautifully.
They have a huge customer following and thousands of adoring fans so it is always full of like-minded, fashion-thinking shoppers.....making it even more fun to visit.

So, last week, on one of my visits to the shop, I came upon four pair of gorgeous linen pants.
Size 12 petite. $22 a piece. All from the same designer.

Size 12 petite? Hmmmm. No, I wear a Size 8 petite. But, how perfect would they be for my Spring wardrobe? Maybe I could take them to the tailor and have them altered? No, that would mean I'd have to find a tailor, go the tailor, spend the extra money, yadda, yadda, yadda. It didn't seem worth it.
Plus, I probably wouldn't get around to doing it anyway. But, gee, how great would that be to have four pair of beautiful linen pants? They were so nicely tailored. They would be so perfect with all of my jackets for the office. They could go dressy or casual.
Wouldn't the cream ones look adorable with my silver lacey top that has the attached cream camisole?
Oh and I can just see those light pink linen pants with my pink suede mules.... Yeah, maybe a tailor would be a good idea.

Okay....maybe I should just try them on.
So, I went up to the counter to talk to one of my favorite sales that she could set me up in a dressing room.
"OOOH, you always find the best stuff! Aren't those pants gorgeous?" she said.
"Yes, but I'm afraid they will be too big," I told her.
"You never know. It's hard to say if the sizes are right since they could have been altered already, " she explained.
I hadn't thought of that.
So, off into the dressing room I try on the Size 12 petite linen pants.

2 pair fit perfectly. Ahhhhh...... 2 pair were a wee bit too tight.

What was the deal with THESE PANTS?

Immediately, I put the pants back on their hangers and left the dressing room.
I'll be damned if I'm going to buy size 12 petite pants that fit! I'll be double damned if I'm going to buy size 12 petite pants that are too tight! I don't care how perfect they are! NOOOOOOOOO!

As I emerged from the dressing room, Joni stopped me...."well?"
"I am sure they were altered to be smaller," I told her.
"Well, that's good for you!" she smiled.
"" I stumbled....I didn't want to tell her that I just downright refused to buy size 12 petite.
Was I turning into a size snob?
"They are gorgeous pants!" she said, smoothing her hand over the fabric.
"Well, I just don't know..." I stammered.
"Do you love them?" she asked, trying to help me decide.
Little did she know that I had already decided they were not coming home with me.
No matter if they were just perfect and a wonderful bargain.
"Well, 2 of them might work, " I said hesitantly. (the other 2 wouldn't work because they were too tight but I didn't say that!)
"So, if you love them, get them!" she said without a speck of pushy salesmanship. She was speaking more like a good shopping buddy.
"Yeah, I'm going to think about it..." I told her as I put them back on the rack.

A few moments later as I was perusing the shoe aisle, I saw another woman excitedly find the linen pants.
"I'm not even trying these on! Size 12 petite, they will fit perfect!" I heard her telling her friend.
I wasn't quite sure what to do.
Should I tell the woman that they might not fit?
What would I say?
"Hi there, you don't know me and I don't know you but I just want to say that I know you think you fit into a size 12 petite but you might not...."

Before I had the chance.....the woman who thought she found the perfect pants was pulling out her wallet and buying the pants.

Good-bye perfect pants.
Yes, I think I loved you.....


Beth Ann said...

Great story! And an excellent lesson for us all. :)

Marie said...

LOL...Great one! I bought a pair of pants last week for the size and they ripped -- they were linen as well. Cheap fabric I guess!

Nella said...

Great great story!
I love my new body and I CANT stop shopping! Its getting a little crazy! Ive waited over 14 years for this! TAKING IT!