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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A world gone mad.........

I'm pissed.
Did you hear.....a PLUS SIZE woman has been chosen as American's Next Top Model? Yes, I know....I'm a little late getting this information. To be honest, I think I heard about it when it happened. Afterall, I'm sure it made the news. Evidentally, when a PLUS SIZE woman gets recognized for something, it's newsworthy.

Why am I pissed? Where should I start? Let's start with this.....her picture.

Yes, I agree, she is beautiful. In fact, I am sure she deserved it. I hope she has a great career! This is a PLUS SIZED woman? If so....what am I? SUPERPLUS? News reports says she wears a SIZE 10. What...every size with 2 digits now becomes PLUS SIZE???? I've got Size 10 & 12 friends who would beat me over the head with their shoes if I called them PLUS SIZE. Hell, they'd set my hair on fire if I told them that all their dieting and exercise has rendered them the awesome label of "PLUS SIZE WOMAN". Someone better call Lane Bryant and tell them they should start carrying SIZE 10's & 12's.

America's Top Model should be ashamed of themselves....calling this woman PLUS SIZE and touting themselves as doing a good deed and setting a good example. First of all...what is so great about awarding the best person the title? That's what they are supposed to do for heaven's sake! Taking a bow for doing the right thing is a little ridiculous...don't you think? Then there's the whole idea that there are young women who are now being told that THIS is what PLUS SIZE looks like! Irresponsible behavior!! And, anyway why does the size of her body have to be newsworthy? Let's face it....if a man has a big it on the news ("hey there's the plus size man!)? See what I'm saying. And while I am at it.... the entire tabloid world should hang their heads for reporting that this is a PLUS SIZE woman! Bafoons. All of them! And, just for the record......I wish Hillary were going to run for president. Yes, I'm pissed. A Size 10 is PLUS SIZE and Hillary lost. It's not a good day for women.

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