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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lord Have Mercy.......!

I just thought of something. Listen to this.....last night I went to a "Naughty Nighty" party for a very sweet bride-to-be. There were about 30 or so women there. Everyone brought some version of lingerie. Except for me. I brought an apron. A cute apron, of course. Got it at one of my fav stores--Anthropologie. It's one of those full aprons with a bright, vintagey kind of print. And, I got her matching underwear. Oh and a cute little set of measuring spoons and a cookbook. Thirty or so women....of all ages.....brought lingerie and I brought an apron, measuring spoons and a cookbook. I guess I've been doing it in the kitchen for so long that I considered an apron naughty. No, no, I'm not talking about doing it in the kitchen. I'm talking being naughty in the kitchen. As in standing in front of the freezer and shoveling ice cream in my mouth or eating left over pasta and meatballs right out of the container in the fridge. Or, eating those fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies even before they make it off the cookie sheet. Oh, and let's not forget about hiding in the kitchen eating chips and dip. Being naughty in the kitchen. The rest of the world thinks you need lingerie to be naughty. Not me. Am I missing something?

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