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Friday, July 9, 2010

Mission Control: We've got an absess here......

I'm never going to play dentist again.
I'm turning in my mom-dental license.
Right now.
When it comes to matters of teeth--I am going to stick to being the tooth fairy.

Poor Toni.
She's been suffering.
What I thought were some wicked wisdom teeth coming in have proven to be an absessed tooth.

Yes, it's been a rough few days.
There's been pain.
And tears.
And fever.
And up-all-nighters.

Poor Toni.

Thankfully, there are now drugs.
Hopefully those drugs kick in!!

I can't just stand by and watch my sweet girl in such agony.
It's breaking my heart.
It's messing with my beauty sleep.
And it's doing a number on my manicure.

And...if an absessed tooth in the middle of a historic heat wave isn't bad enough--get this....tomorrow is her birthday.
Just because she caused me many hours of excruciating pain on July 9-10, 1991 doesn't mean I wish the same on her 19 years later.

But, what might even be more catastrophic than all of this absessed tooth pain....
Today is our annual mother-daughter-Toni-birthdaypolooza.....
We've never missed one.
We can't start now.

Please dear Lord, let those drugs kick in for Toni just like they kicked in for me 19 years ago when they cut open my stomach with a big, sharp scaple and dug her out of my womb with a huge pair of pliers.....


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I hope your daughter feels better soon! Poor baby :(

tessierose said...

I hope she feels better too, that's nothing to mess around with. Will she have to have a root canal? Poor baby. You can always have your birthday celebration a little bit late, maybe the heat wave will be over by then. Good luck!

Ashley said...

hope she feels better and have fun today!!!

Nella said...

I feel Toni's pain...worse than giving freakin BIRTH...especially when one CANNOT EAT!

Gretchen said...

LMAO about getting cut open and pulled out with pliers...I'm going to use that one on Sloane someday. It will go something like this: "No you cannot go. Why? Because I said so and I am your mother. They cut you out of me with a scalpel and pulled you out with pliers. Any more questions?"

--Hope that Toni is feeling better!