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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I think you heard me the first time......and the second time and the third time and the hundreth time.....

but I don't mind saying it again.....I love my Lapband!!

I think it's time for a little refresher on how damn smart I am.
Yeah. Me. I'm smart!

Honestly, sometimes, all of us need to take some extra time to reflect on how awesome some of our decisions are!
Plus, we have to sit back and celebrate the good things those smart decisions did for our lives!

Let's just forget about those less-than-smart decisions for the moment. Okay?

Decision points really do make or break us.
Don't they?
They send us off in one direction or another and impact everything.....
Ain't I right?

Think about it.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you made just one tiny decision differently?
What if you didn't go to that party and you didn't meet that fun guy?
What if you didn't major in English? Or Engineering? Or Art? Or Philosophy?
How would your life be different if you bought the red shoes instead of the black ones?
I mean, seems to me that the insignificant and the humungous decisions are somehow equal in how they take us down paths....
Take my Lapband decision as an example.
Honestly, honestly......I made that decision in a split second.
I was getting ready for a party.
Nothing fit me.
The commercial came on the TV.
There it was.
My answer.
As I know I've told you many times---at that moment, I didn't really think I'd have the surgery.
It was just the catalyst to help me get dressed and go to the party instead of calling the hostess and saying I was sick.
But, let's just say I didn't see that commercial and didn't decide to make Lapband part of my plan to help me get out the door.
Well, then, I wouldn't have went to the party.
I would have thrown myself on top of the huge pile of too-tight clothes that were laying on my bed.
And, there I would have stayed.
But, because I faked myself out into thinking I had a plan to someday lose the weight, I was encouraged enough to wrap myself in something and go to the party.
And, it was there, in a wine-infused state of bravery that I announced to my two spirited friends that I was having the surgery.
Just think....if I would have turned down that last glass of wine.
I might have never even thought of telling them that.
And, if I wouldn't have told them I was doing it, I wouldn't have felt compelled to follow through on really doing it.
Did you follow that?

Yes, it was one good decision after another that night.

And, now here I sit.....115 pounds lighter.
All because of clothes that didn't fit, a TV commercial that got me out the door, a few glasses of wine and my desire to stay true to an announcement I made to my friends.
Well, we all know it's more complex than that....
But, on top of that depth and complexity--it comes down to one thing.
I made a decision.
It changed my life.

In wine there is truth.
And it makes me smarter.


tessierose said...

Amen Sister!

Bonnie said...

So right. If I hadn't gone to that bar and picked up that cute guy, who knows where I'd be right now?

Gwen said...

So true!

amandakiska said...

Maybe I should start drinking wine!

Nella said...

You gotta it baby!