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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey beach! Are you missing me this year?

This is the first year in a very, very, very long stretch of years that we are not making our annual trek to the beach.......
Typically, we are there right now......
But, we aren't
And, as much as I keep telling myself that it's okay,
I'm starting to think it isn't.
Even though, at this point, it's gotta be okay.
Because we aren't going to the beach.
And that's final.

We just got back from a lovely, fun-filled time in New Jersey.
We enjoyed family time, ate some fabulous food, drank some luscious wines, had a lot of laughs, danced and frolicked and even did some celebrity stalking.
But, no beach.

And, over the past year, we have done our share of quick jaunts and road trips.
Little towns, quaint restaurants, wineries, adorable shops.
Big cities, beautiful views, amazing foods, tantalizing drinks.
But, no beach.

Perhaps I'm just feeling a little sorry for myself this morning.
I'm sure I'll get over it.
I keep telling myself......"Judi, it's okay. At least you don't have to worry about bathing suits."
It's not working this morning.
I just keep thinking of that lonely beach.....waiting for me.
And I never come.


Nella said...

Next year go for twice as long baby!

Bonnie said...

:-( Bummer.