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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The abcess guy brought friends and sent us back to the scene of the crime.....

It's been a heckuva time here in Judiland.
In my last two posts, I talked about two things.....
*Toni's abcessed tooth
*Toni's birthday

Well, those worlds collided.
Right here in my little suburban hamlet.
And, it hasn't been, no, not at all....
In fact, it's been ugly.
There's puss.
Yes, you heard me--puss.
Big, ugly sacks of puss.
Definitely not a visual anyone wants to hear about....
Sorry guys.
But, I just had to explain where I've been.....
My story had to be good.
Worthy of being AWOL from my blog.
And ugly.
Which it is.

So, what the hell am I talking about?

Although Toni looks doesn't look like she is suffering in her birthday luncheon picture.....I am here to tell you that yes she was.
But, she had tickets to see Dave Matthews.
And her lovely, sweet friends were here.
And, it was her birthday.
She had no intentions of being a party pooper.
And, she had new shoes.
My girl is definitely her mother's daughter.....

Yes, the tooth abcess that arrived just in time for Toni's birthday has now become a scarey, miserable, torturous, nightmare.
No birthday cake here.
No candles either.
All we have are fevers, pain, lots of infection, big blisters all over and did I mention.....pain?

One stinking little tooth managed to send big waves of infection throughout Toni's mouth, throat, ears, tongue......oh you name's infected.
Thankfully, they think it's localized to that area.
But, we're still checking on that.
Thankfully, the quick thinking of the doctor lessened the danger of what could have happened next....

So, as my little girl laid in the emergency room yesterday.....looking so small and sad in the white bed, the nurse rattled off questions....
"Has she ever been in this hospital before?"
"Yes, 19 years ago at this very minute, she was here," I told her.
She looked a bit puzzled.
"She was born here on July 10, 1991. We were here until July 13."

Yes, we were back to where it all started.....hoping for a much better tomorrow (which is today).


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Oh, the poor baby. Lord, I hate it when my kids are in pain. I hope she is feeling better soon. BTW, all 5 of my kids are huge Dave Matthews fans. Son #2 is flying from AZ to VA next weekend to see him in concert!

tessierose said...

I'm so sorry, I hope she's better soon. Not only is that painful, but extremely dangerous. I'm glad you guys got to the hospital!

Anonymous said...

Oh the poor baby, please give her a big hug from me. I pray she recovers soon. Isn't it awful when our babies are sick??? A big hug for you too. xoxoxo


Bonnie said...

Hoping this passes quickly and she's feeling better soon. I know how dangerous infection can be.