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Saturday, July 24, 2010

And the heat goes on......

and on and on and on and on......

Is this Global Warming?
Okay, I believe in it Mr. Gore.
No need to press the matter.

You're messing with my underwear at the moment.
And, I don't take too kindly to that!
Believe me, I'll not soon forget this Mr. Gore.....think about that in 2012!!!!

There's a bit of a heat wave here in Judiland.
We've got lots of sweating going on.
Yes, my underwear are getting kinda gucky....
I'm not too happy about it.
I mean...who wants their leopard print gutchies to feel like that?

We're breaking's HOT..... morning, noon and night.
Remember all those prayers we said in February when the snow was piled up to here?
Yeah, well, God heard us.
The good Lord is rewarding us for living through one of the worse winters in history.
He's giving us a good dose of heat and humidity.
Thank you God.
I'm so glad You heard us.
Oh, I knew You would.
But, here's the thing.....and it's not that I want to seem ungrateful or anything....
But, seriously....did You really have to turn on the heat so high?

It's not that I am miserable or cranky or anything.....
But, the folks I live with are getting a little out of hand.
The heat is getting to them and they are getting a little droopy and bitchy and not-so-nice.
Yes, I'm cranking up the air as far as it can go.
So much so that the electric company is sending us Thank You notes.
That's never a good thing.

The issue at this precise moment is....I'm a porch sitter.
But, it ain't working out too well.
Sure, I have a porch ceiling fan.
But, the truth of the matter's not doing it for me.
That damn fan is twirling and spinning but it's still hotter than a witch's tit.
I have no idea if a witch's tit is hot or not but for the purposes of this blog entry...just go with me on this one.
To continue...
I like to sit on my porch in the early morning hours and drink my tea.
My hot chai tea.
It's where I go and what I do to escape the overheated, droopy and bitchy and not-so-nice people I live with.
But, this morning....things are not going well.
I'd rather rub ice cubes all over my naked body instead.
Allllllllllll over my body.
But, I'd pretty sure my neighbors aren't ready for that.
Or, are they???

Okay, then, I'll leave you with that visual.
Happy Saturday!!!


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Funny! I love reading your blog! If it's any consolation, it is very hot and humid here in FL. I can barely take the dog out to pee!

Jody V said...

Amen to that Judi...Amen to that!!