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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I just couldn't wait to tell you.....

about how much I love my Lapband.....

Yeah, I know....old news.

But, here's the thing--when you're driving through lots of nothingness for miles and miles with the only thing to look at are lots of fields and farms and animals and more fields and farms and animals and maybe a barn or two (yes, I am a city girl....) and you just spent 2 weeks at the beach and you are on your way home you have to think about something.
You get what I'm sayin'....don't you?
So, I started thinking about all of the really bad foods that I absolutely adore--fried zucchini, eggplant parmesean, french fries, potato soup, bacon, cheese cake, nachos, hot sausage, potato chips, ravioli, supressata, corn chips, artichoke dip, grilled havarti cheese sandwiches, meatballs, onion rings...okay, you get it...lots and lots of really decadent foods....I just love 'em. As I was thinking about those foods--I was literally licking my lips.....making me forget all about how the hell those cows stay out in those pastures when it's so damn hot and helped me to stop worrying about how far those farmer girls must have to travel to a they even have a mall? (those are the things I had been thinking about prior to thinking about the food).
So exactly what was I thinking about these foods?
I was thinking that I have eaten all of those foods since I had my Lapband and I never--not even once--did I feel guilty about doing it.
Are you shocked?
Don't be.
It is the beauty of the Lapband.
I can have a few bites of my favorite matter how naughty they are... and be done with it.
After all---the reason why they are my favorite foods is because of how they taste.
So, I get to taste them...maybe even have a few bites....and I am completely satisfied. Every nook and cranny of my being has been served.
(yes, I do have to admit that my Lapband does not allow me to eat breads or pasta--but I'm not counting those in the "decadent food" category...)
Funny thing is that before my Lapband if I ate these decadent foods (which was not all that often...because I was always on a diet), I ate a, no, a huge... portion...because I loved them so much and I always thought that it may be a long time before I have them again!
You life-long-dieter-sisters out there know the drill.....

But, I felt so damn guilty afterwards that the pleasure that I gained from the taste was soon destroyed by the almighty guilt.
Geez, I must have thought about those decadent foods from Virginia to Maryland and then praised my good fortune through Maryland, West Virginia and into Pennsylvania.
Because after that 11 hour trek-- as we pulled into familiar territory, I found myself with a hankering for fried zucchini from Armstrong's.....
Those cows back in Virginia probably heard my sigh of contentment when I took that first bite....! And, that's not all.....I have enough leftover fried zucchini to satisfy myself for at least 3 more meals.....! I can eat it over and over and over again....!

Believe me my pre-Lap band days....I would have NEVER, EVER, EVER even considered stopping for fried zucchini on my way home from 2 weeks at the beach. And, you know why? Because by the time I pulled out of North Carolina, I would have hated myself because I grew out of all of my shorts while on vacation, by the time I crossed over into Virginia, I would have been praying to God that I didn't need a whole new wardrobe to go back to work on Monday and by the time I was out of Maryland, I would have already began a very strict diet program.

I'm telling you, Lap band was the best thing I ever did for myself.
Ever. Ever. Ever.
In case I never mentioned it you know.

Yes, I'm home from the beach!

Time to go shake the sand out of my shoes....


Kathy said...

Glad you had a good time Judi. I understand what you mean about favorite foods. I too eat what I want when I want it. Life is good with the Lapband isn't it??

Anonymous said...

Ok I think I get it. Glad you're home safe and that you guys had a wonderful time. Love ya, L