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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gifts please!

That's right....!
I won't be shy!
I want gifts!

So, what does a girl who has closets full of clothes, huge piles of shoes, mountains of make up and enough junky jewelry to bling-out Liberace want?


No, not the magazine. Time as in--minutes and hours.
That's what I don't have enough of.

My 2nd Bandiversary is ONLY 4 days away! So, I think this is the perfect moment to tell you exactly how you can give me the perfect gift!

*I'm looking for guest bloggers who I can call on when I need a little extra time to do whatever it is that people do with extra time.
*No need to wrap it up all fancy-schmancy. Just say you will--either by email or in the comment section-- and I'll be in touch shortly!

*You can write your entry about anything you want!

Don't make me beg for gifts!

(it's not a good clashes with my lip gloss)

P.S. BTW--if you've been thinking about doing your own blog....this might be great way to get started! Once you're bitten by the blob bug, you might never turn back.....!