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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March, The Month.....

It was 31 days filled with laughter, heartbreak, intrigue, mystery, joy, sadness, tears, sickness, weight loss, dancing, singing, cleaning, confusion, excitement, headaches, creativity, mothering, daughtering, wifing, sistering, working, cooking, blogging,running, jumping, walking, talking, listening, trying, shopping, shoegasms, kissing, hugging, fighting, girlfriends, libations, lapband moments, wishing, hoping, dreaming, laundry, thinking, deciding, wanting, hating, loving, caring, junking, creating, praying, dirty dishes and being 50.
As I continue to work on...............Happily Ever After

I'm so ready to bid this month farewell.
So, farewell to you, March.
May the bad moments stay behind and the good moments follow.

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