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Saturday, March 14, 2009


...that's what today is all about.....

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Big problems here in Judiland. Big problems of the best kind. My parade attire of yesteryears are no more. Goodbye my beautiful patchwork jean jacket, farewell my black jeans with glitter shamrocks, farewell my adorable white sweater with Ireland glitzed across my chest!

Ah....but, have no fear. I shall make the scene in green.....
...a little green!
(as in NOT BIG!)

No, no, I won't be going parading in my birthday suit with green shamrocks painted on my private parts. It's way to cold for that! Sure, I won't be as sparkling as I did in my former life. But, I won't be the overdressed fat woman either. I'll do my ancestors wise.
As always--I'll have my green hair! And, of course, I have new green shoes (btw...NOT the shoes I posted about a week or so ago..I ended up with another pair...which are more Judistyle). And, for sure--I'll rock it all out with some inspired accessories.

Hopefully, I'll remember my camera so I can take a few pix for my blog of some of my spirited parade day partners, my shamrockin' blogger friends and some of my once-a-year best buddies!

It's time to go green myself up for the day....which starts in about an hour...
Here we go!
The Saloon....for Kegs & Eggs (I don't do the kegs....just the eggs)
then it's on to
Pittsburgh's St. Patrick's Day Parade....for a little parade watchin'
then it's on to
River City Inn..... for Michael Gallagher and where they're waiting for my smiling Irish eyes
then it's on to
Smithfield Street Cafe.....for Guaranteed Irish
then it's back to
The Saloon.....for a night cap with those family and friends who prefer to stay in the suburbs!'s St. Pat's Parade Day once more.

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