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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Banding to Spring......

Even if the snow falls and the temperatures go below freezing, the calendar is saying....Spring. So, I guess it's time to think about shedding those winter layers, taking stock of what's beneath it all and awakening the sunshine in our souls.
In other words--is my body Spring ready?

So, here I am--two days before the official start of Spring and something pretty amazing is happening here.... my answer to that question is.......ta-da....YES!. I am not afraid of Spring.

Oh sure, I'd love to be 10 pounds thinner. But, here's the catch--I can be. And, it's only 10 pounds. How great is that? I mean, come on now--HOW SUPER-DUPER GREAT IS THAT?
Yeah, it's great.

Bring on the tulips.....


The Universe said...

Sometimes, understanding their fears, Judi, helps you to understand their actions, as well as their pain.

Plus, understanding their fears sometimes helps you to understand your own.

Ti amo,
The Universe

Jody V said...

Hey Judi -

Love the post. Saturday is going to be a turning point for me. I just know it! I will "spring" into weight loss mode...Summer is right around the corner.